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Technical SEO
August 01, 2023 Blog 0 Comment

Technical SEO. The Unsung Hero

Let me ask you something. How did you score good grades in school? Is it just because you study well and perform well in exams? In reality,this strategy alone does not work. We also have to impress our examiner in order to get good grades. When it comes to SEO, the search engine is our […]...
Black Hat SEO
July 28, 2023 Blog 0 Comment

Black Hat SEO. New Fear Unlocked

Recently, Google has penalised some websites and their webpages for manipulating search engine rankings and violating SEO guidelines. If you are into digital marketing and SEO, you might have come across this news. The thing is not new and is a routine activity for Google to penalise the wrongdoers ...
what is advocacy marketing
July 26, 2023 Blog 0 Comment

Advocacy Marketing : Cheerleader for Your Brand

Have you ever wondered how some brands manage to create a loyal following of passionate advocates?  The secret is advocacy marketing – a strategy that leverages the power of word-of-mouth marketing to build a community of enthusiastic supporters who will help spread your message far and w...
July 25, 2023 Blog 0 Comment

Goodbye Google Digital Unlocked. No More Free Courses

Google digital unlocked was the brainchild of CEO Sundar Pichai to help small and medium businesses for their digital transformation. It was launched in 2017 with the collaboration of the IT Ministry of India and FICCI. It came to light when Google unveiled a joint research study with KPMG titled &#...
Social listening
July 21, 2023 Blog 0 Comment

Social Listening: The key concerns

Humans are known for their curiosity. This quality was the primary factor behind major discoveries and inventions. But there is a dark side to it, i.e., eavesdropping. We love to hear the secrets of others and, if possible, take advantage of them. As civilization progressed to digital media, the art...
digital marketing pricing in 2023
July 15, 2023 Blog 0 Comment

Cracking the Code: The Future of Digital Marketing Pricing in 2023

In 2023, digital marketing is no longer an optional extra for businesses but a must-have to succeed in the online world. With the rise of digital marketing, businesses are clamoring for attention in the crowded online space. In recent years, the field of digital marketing has experienced rapid growt...