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SEO is an inevitable element in digital marketing. In today’s hyper competitive digital era, a business needs to reach the top ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to survive. We can top the chart through paid advertising, however results obtained organically through a well-structured SEO campaign will give you long term benefits.

Are you searching for the top most SEO Company in Kerala to enhance your Business and revenue, then Techbound SEO Company and Digital Marketing Agency is here to support you. With more than 13 years of experience, we are committed to well verse with the latest updates in digital world and delivering time bound top conversions to our clients.

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Why Choose Our SEO Company In Kerala

Search Engine optimization for a business website requires time and effort and expertise. It’s a process involves intensive study and tough competition. Here you need the service of TechBound, the top SEO Company in Kerala. Working in this field for the past 12 years, we are using the latest analytical tools to help our clients achieve organic long-lasting results. Our SEO Company’s professional team is always moving forward with this motive.

In this dynamic digital world our expert team has given exception outcome for us to become the best SEO Company in Kerala. Techbound is bound to deliver the best technical support to enhance reach, visibility and score high rank in SERP for our client’s site.

We work directly with our client to understand their needs and set effective strategies to achieve great results. Our SEO services not only helps our customer to grow their business but also focuses on giving optimized content to the target audience.

Our SEO campaign in Kerala includes the following steps: 

SEO Company in Kerala
SEO Company in Kerala

Keyword research


On-page optimization


Technical optimization


Link building


Content marketing


Analytics and tracking

The SEO Services We Provide

Saraf furniture Google Ads
Local SEO
Global SEO for gaining presence in the international market.
Global SEO
Ecommerce SEO
Ecommerce SEO
Mobile SEO
Mobile SEO


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Being the top SEO Company in Kerala, our SEO campaign starts with a discussion with the client. Understanding their business ideas, perceptions of their website etc. From that data we will start our research related to the demography of the business, like keywords, target audience, and competitors.
  2. Further, we will prepare a plan for your business. It will have target keywords, areas for improvement, and detailed steps to boost your site’s ranking in SERP.
  3. Following that, we will start executing the plan which involves content optimization and technical optimization.

As a leading SEO company in Kerala, our cost of SEO campaign depends on the  size of the business and its requirement. Firstly, our team will check the business website and other requirements,  and then we will furnish you with the cost estimate.

SEO is skillful process requires extensive research and follow up. Our objective is to generate organic results through quality content. Meanwhile, there are some SEO companies claim to generate quick results. They adopt Black Hat practices like content automation, keyword stuffing and buying backlinks. Initially it may yield quick results. Eventually it will lead to your website getting blocked. As a reputed SEO company in Kerala we don’t suggest these practices.

Google itself says that it takes 4 to 12 months for an SEO campaign to show a result or improvement in a business. As an SOE company, we would suggest you to have a long term perspective. Depending on dynamic factors SEO is a Challenging task, however it will definitely benefit your business in gaining ROI.

Yes, our SEO team will provide you with a timely report containing all the details of the work we have done to maintain transparency. This will comprise the present status of the campaign, its achievements, and the improvements required for its future.

SEO is a dynamic and multi layered process influenced by various factors, some of which are beyond our Control. We have a committed and transparent approach towards SEO. As a leading SEO company in Kerala we can’t assure any specific rankings or outcomes. We can assure you that our team will adopt best practices and latest strategies to maximize your organic traffic and online visibility.

We are committed to adopt ethical and transparent SEO practices that comply with Google Guidelines. To ensure this transparency we use tools like Google Analytics to monitor the performance. With a dedicated team we always ensure the transparency through regular auditing and staying updated with the latest SEO trends.