Lead generation becomes the crucial process of identifying and attracting customers interested in your product or service. The ultimate objective is to convert the intended user into a potential customer or lead. This holds great importance for B2B businesses. Despite the ongoing transformation of technology, lead generation continues to be a top-preferred strategy. In this blog, we will delve into the lead generation process, explore various techniques, and highlight changes in approach for 2024.

To drive traffic to the websites, the following techniques are used:

Search Engine Optimization

Optimising the website content-wise and technical-wise to top the organic search results of search engines like Google and Bing. It is the most effective and yields long term results.

Search Engine Marketing

Placing ads on search engines to top the search result page. This is costly and short-term. Once the budget is over, it stops showing the Ad

Social Media Marketing

Placing ads on the pages of famous social media platforms to gather the attention of the users. Its effectiveness is to attract a youth audience.

Display Ads

Displaying ads in the form of text, image, or video on the pages of a website with high traffic. It probably rolls out with the pay-per-click model, as the budget is reduced when one click is made from the ad on that site.

Promotional Events

Offline meetups and conferences can be arranged to introduce your product and service. It can create awareness about brands and make your website reach them.

2. Attracting a target audience is the first step, but convincing them to share contact information makes them a lead. 

To hold their attention and make them share information the following factors needed to be well crafted.


Providing high quality content compelling them to share their information. The content can be ebooks, videos, images. The content must evoke interest in the potential customer about your product or service and make them share their information.

Landing Page

The goal of lead generation strategy is to sell your product. Presenting the product in the most effective way possible is the effective strategy. Presenting the product on the Landing page with all relevant information that convinces the user to share his information. All his queries and requires must be fulfilled with the information in the landing page.

Marketing Automation 

After obtaining their information, actively nurture leads by providing relevant details. Transitioning seamlessly, ensure consistent updates about the product through emails or other channels. This marketing automation serves to educate the lead and ultimately encourage them to make a purchase. This marks the follow-up stage in the customer journey.

However, completing these two aspects to convert leads into sales, demands considerable effort and the application of various techniques.

Process Of Lead Generation

1. Conduct Thorough Research

Initiate the marketing campaign by conducting comprehensive research. Prior to launching the lead generation campaign, thoroughly investigate the target audience and market. Address key aspects during this stage:

  • Identify the target audience.
  • Understand their needs.
  • Determine their expectations from a product.
  • Devise strategies to make the website beneficial for them.

Additionally, emphasise the inclusion of relevant content creation as a crucial aspect of the research.

2. Create Quality Content

Utilise the gathered data to craft engaging and shareable content. Ensure that customers seeking solutions can find them in your content, which may be presented as blog posts, e-books, infographics, or social media posts.

3. Spread Across All Platforms

Disseminate the content across all business channels. Share it on various social media platforms where your customers are actively engaged, making the content readily available to your target audience.

4. Maintain Existing Leads

Implement a systematic follow-up on the generated leads. Establish effective communication channels to provide relevant updates about your product and encourage them to make a deal.

5. Categorise The Leads

Collaborate with the sales and marketing team to categorise leads. Concentrate efforts on leads who frequently visit the site, interact with your business, and are more likely to make a deal. Focusing on these customers will yield greater benefits.

6. Involve Sales Team

After attracting the target audience and converting them into leads, involve the sales team in the process. Transition the leads to them, as their role is to nurture and convince potential customers to finalise a deal.

7. Audit the Process

Regularly audit the lead generation campaign for success. Continuously evaluate performance, identify weak spots, and determine the necessary steps to keep customers engaged. 

Essentials Of a Lead Generation Campaign

1. Utilise the Database

In crafting an effective lead generation campaign, the utilisation of the target customers’ database is crucial. Properly leveraging this data allows the team to gain valuable insights into past trends and calculate customer behaviour patterns.

2. Maintain Consistent Messaging

Interact with customers consistently across all channels, enticing them to click on your links through your messaging. This not only involves collecting data but also focuses on converting leads into consumers by upholding message quality.

3. Remarket Until a Deal is Made

To transform potential leads into end users, persistent interaction is key. Recognize that customers seldom make a purchase on the first attempt; hence, effective remarketing efforts can sway their decision in your favour.

4. Incorporate A/B Testing

It is essential to conduct A/B testing to assess the effectiveness of updates in the landing process. By comparing the performance of two variants, you can select the most potent one for your campaign, ensuring optimal outcomes.

5. Provide Attractive Offers

Tailor your offers based on the diverse expectations of customers at different stages. Whether it’s freebies, demos, or discount offers, entice and retain customers by aligning your offers with their needs and progression.

 Stay Ahead with Generative AI

The landscape of Digital Marketing, including Lead Generation, has undergone a significant transformation with the advent of Generative AI. Stay at the forefront in 2024 by exploring the key trends in Lead Generation in light of these advancements.

1. A I based Customer Personalisation

AI has revolutionised how companies find, nurture, and convert intended customers into leads, enabling the preparation of content and messaging tailored to individual preferences. Personalised messages yield more results than traditional approaches, and predicting customer behaviour and adding related queries when users log out of the site becomes easier. Retaining customer attention becomes more manageable. Clearly, 2024 will witness even more AI-based personalization.

2. Conversational Approach

Taking lead generation techniques to the next level, AI and Chatbots have assumed the nurturing process of the sales team. Chatbots provide 24/7 customer relations, lead conversion, and maintenance, enhancing user experience. The development of the chatbot experience is inevitable in the upcoming days.

3. Voice Search and Long Tail Keywords

Voice-activated devices have become integral to SEO strategies, requiring an understanding of natural language and content optimization accordingly. Following the trend of longtail keywords and providing content to answer customer queries leads to a top position in SERPs and generates leads.

4 .Impactful Shorter Video

Shorter videos are creating a more significant impact on promotions as people’s attention spans shorten. Conveying a message in a 15 or 20-second video is effective for brand exposure, especially on social media platforms. Short videos are extensively used in 2024 to generate brand awareness.

5. Getting in SGE Result.

Google AI generative search has caused panic among SEO experts with its rollout, challenging them to provide all necessary details before organic results. SGE collects data from vast resources, necessitating high-quality content optimization for lead generation to appear in organic results and be picked by SGE. This drastic change indicates that 2024 will undergo significant transformations.

6. Prioritise Privacy And Security

As reliance on online modes intensifies, users are increasingly aware of data privacy and security. Providing a safe and secure website experience is crucial for lead generation, maintaining a secure gateway for communication and payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead generation, attracting potential customers and collecting their contact information through online and offline strategies, serves as the first step of any marketing campaign. Consequently, it is crucial for compelling interested customers to purchase your product.

Various approaches exist in lead generation to attract the target audience. These include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Webinars, Offline Seminars, etc.

The selection of a lead generation strategy relies on several factors, including the type of business, goals, target audience, market, and budget considerations.

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