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google shopping graph
June 15, 2024 Blog 0 Comment

The Google Shopping Graph: Your Personal Shopper in the Digital Mall

Imagine continuously going through page after page of water-resistant footwear in an attempt to find the perfect match for your activities on wet days. The problem faced by today’s shoppers is having too many alternatives, brands, and styles to choose from. However, what if your search engine ...
AEO in E commerce 2024
June 12, 2024 Blog 0 Comment

E-commerce AEO: The Answer to Higher Visibility and Booming Sales

Ever wished your online store could read minds?  That’s becoming a reality with AI. With the use of AI, search engines are changing into answer engines, such as Google’s Gemini and Chat GPT. Microsoft Bing. With these ingenious features, consumers should not have to scroll endlessly in ...
Google Search Algorith Leak
June 07, 2024 Blog 0 Comment

Google Search Algorithm Leak: SEO Implications and What Happens Next

A recent leak of internal Google documentshas shook the  SEO community, offering a never given glimpse into the inner workings of the search giant’s ranking algorithm. This revelation has significant implications for SEO professionals and marketers, as it exposes previously unknown or unc...
June 04, 2024 Blog 0 Comment

Image Optimization: Making Your Pictures Speak and Rank in 2024

A powerful weapon your website needs to surpass the competition in 2024 and beyond is Image optimization. As the renowned American poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti said, “It’s much easier to consume a visual image than reading something.” In today’s digital world, images are more t...
Native Advertising
May 24, 2024 Blog 0 Comment

Mastering Invisible Influence: Native Ads – The Power of Story & Connection

The internet is saturated with various forms of advertising, be it display ads or video ads, which intrude upon our internet usage with personalised content. Many of these ads can disrupt the user experience. Whether we need them or not, we are compelled to engage with these ads. We often feel irrit...