Hiring Digital Marketing Agency Is Costly, That’s an Ongoing Debate.

Digital Marketing is a dynamic field, this statement has become so Cliche.

Every year content writers mention about changing trends of this field with this statements.

2024 is not different.

Well, it is indeed a Dynamic field. With Google’s rolling out AI generative search results the world of digital marketing is going through major changes.

Building an Online presence has become one of the main components for success. This made the service of DigitalMarketing Agency imminent for businesses. 

Digital world has become so rooted that a business or service without an Online presence won’t get any kind of recognition. Actual mouth publicity has transformed into online reviews. 

The Compelling Factor

Quoting Jeff Bezos “It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.

Everything has become dependent on the digital medium.

In this cutthroat competition, mere internet presence is not sufficient, placing your business at the right place at the right time is essential for great results.

A Digital marketing Agency, with their strategies and expertise make this possible for your business.

What Do Digital Marketing Agency Do

A Digital Marketing Agency is specialised in marketing and promotion of businesses and brands through online channels.

Since every business is different , their requirements are different, the strategies are different, a Digital Marketing Agency with their expertise formulate strategies for your business.

Whether it’s generating leads, or enhancing brand awareness, ultimately they generate desired results.

Their activities are

  1. Market analysis and formulating business strategies
  1. Web Design and Development
  1. SEO services involve keyword research, website optimization, and content optimization.
  1. Running paid advertising campaigns on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. 
  1. Managing Social Media profiles and running ad campaigns
  1. Create quality content like blogs,articles, videos, and pictures.
  1. Optimising Content on the Website for Mobile Viewing.
  1. Tracking the progress of the campaigns and providing insights for future expansion.

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Why the Puzzlement

Unfortunately even in 2024,  many entrepreneurs, business houses, and professionals still don’t realise the true potential of Digital marketing.

They often confuse it with traditional advertising or publicity activity.

Most of them don’t know where to start, where to go.

Due to the ignorance and confusion most of them hesitate or don’t give much importance to getting a service from a Digital Marketing Agency. 

Meritless Arguments Against Digital Marketing Agency

The main arguments made by these enthusiastic but somehow ignorant people against Hiring An Agency are

  • They bring additional expenses for the business.
  • Their results are time consuming.
  • It’s just about giving an Ad, why would we hire an agency for that.
  • Why should we hire an agency, rather than hire a In-house Staff.

The Reality Check

All these points raised are misleading and exxagerated.

Building an Online presence is a sign of credibility.

Irrespective of your business type and size one way or another you will need to use digital marketing for growth.

Let’s check in Detail.

It is Expensive

Invest in a digital marketing agency, for its long-term benefits outweigh the initial cost.

Crucially, online presence demands consistent quality content.

Maintaining this consistency fosters trust in your business, a task where a digital marketing agency excels.

Their strategic approach will ensure consistent, high-quality output, making their investment undeniably beneficial in the long run.

It’s Time Consuming

It’s also a misconception often raised about digital marketing, mainly SEO.

It requires that time. This depends on the level of competition, website quality, and content quality.

SEO requires an investment of time, effort, and patience.

Digital Marketing Agency primarily analyses the market and takes steps accordingly. 

Making everything right takes its due time. However, the end result  gives long term benefits.

It’s an ongoing process.

Based on this technicality, labelling the whole digital marketing as time consuming is baseless. 

Its Just About Giving Ads

Forget mistaking digital marketing for just ad promotions in 2024; you’d be falling behind!

While ad promotion plays a role within digital marketing, it’s a mere fragment.

Think of it as targeted messaging through search engines or social media, depending on your business needs.

But a digital marketing agency offers far more.

By crafting a strategic digital marketing campaign, you can work wonders.

The campaigns can be short-term or long-term.

For example, to attract customers to a local shop during a festive time requires a campaign for a shorter period, whereas to raise brand awareness for a large business will require long-term plans.

Hire A Staff

While hiring an in-house digital marketing staff may seem tempting for its initial affordability, it can prove costly in the long run.

Remember, digital marketing encompasses a vast and ever-evolving landscape, demanding specialised expertise in various areas. It’s improbable for one individual to master all these departments effectively.


Think of it this way: juggling every aspect yourself leads to inevitable burnout, ultimately compromising the outcome of your marketing efforts.

Sacrificing quality for perceived cost savings can ruin your entire campaign, turning initial savings into wasted efforts.

The Plus Points

From all the arguments it’s been clear that Hiring a Digital Marketing agency is preferable.

To further make it stronger check out the following Reasons.

1. Centre Of Expertise

Digital marketing campaigns involve multiple departments.

Each requires its own expertise and efficiency.

Culmination of all the departments makes a campaign work out.

A digital marketing agency will have a technical team savvy with different tasks such as content creation,

SEO, Social media marketing, AD campaigns. Their team work makes a campaign successful.

2. Special Focus to Details

Leave  the one man approach and empower your business with a Digital Marketing Agency.

Unlike a single staff member juggling multiple tasks, an agency dedicates its expertise solely to your business, ensuring meticulous focus and attention to detail.

This laser-sharp approach ensures quality never suffers, maximising the impact of your digital marketing efforts.

3. Gives Larger Perspective

An in-house staff member can handle your digital marketing, but remember: they’re part of the company, which can influence their judgement.

They might miss broader industry trends or crucial information outside your bubble.

That’s where a digital marketing agency shines.

They’re external, so they analyse your situation objectively, bringing wider industry knowledge and diverse client experiences to the table.

As you plan for future growth, this bigger picture thinking becomes essential for crafting successful strategies.

4. Enables Overall Development

Digital marketing agencies research your business inside-out before starting.

They use fancy tools to track progress and tell you how things are going.

Plus, these analyses act like a free SWOT analysis, uncovering weak spots in your business.

Its like an add on benefit. This lets you fix problems quickly and stay ahead of the game.

Hiring a digital marketing agency isn’t just about ads – it’s about improving your entire business!

To Sum Up

While an in-house staff might offer initial benefits, sustaining success in today’s fierce competition demands the expertise of an experienced  agency.

Remember, building a consistent digital presence for long-term growth requires professional intervention.

Don’t settle for short-term wins when your business deserves a winning strategy.

In 2024 Partner with a seasoned digital marketing agency and place your business at the top.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this digitally dominated era, you can’t run your business relying solely on traditional marketing channels. In 2024 top your Business with the magic of Digital Marketing. The expertise of a Digital MArketing Agency is required for long term survival.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Kerala, our cost of an SEO campaign depends on the size and requirements of your business. Our team will have a conversation with you and check your website and other requirements. Based on that, we will give you the budget.

The budget of the social media campaign depends on the objective of the campaign. Whether it’s brand awareness, traffic, or lead generation, the budget varies according to the objective. First, the team of our digital marketing agency will have a discussion with your team, and based on that, we can finalise the type of campaign.

SEO is an ongoing and dynamic process. Being a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala we focus on generating organic results through quality content. There are other agencies that claim to give faster results. They adopt blackhat practices like keyword stuffing, content automation and buying backlink. We don’t suggest these practices.

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