The ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization (SEO) has taken another leap with the arrival of Google’s March Core Update, rolled out on March 5, 2024.

This update strengthens Google’s focus on providing content helpful for the users.

They are now prioritizing high-quality, user-centric content and devaluing manipulative SEO tactics.

Content creators and digital marketers are now required to deeply understand the update’s implications and be willing to formulate strategies to keep up with the flow.

Unveiling Google’s Philosophy

Google keeps the details of its algorithm under wraps, but its actions speak volumes.

Recent updates, like the Search Generative Experience (SGE), have left digital professionals scrambling.

SGE disrupts SEO efforts by presenting summaries directly in search results, potentially pushing organic results down the page.

Similarly, Google’s impressive AI chatbot, Gemini, is predicted to outperform all existing chatbots.

Through these innovations, Google prioritizes user experience by delivering high-quality content and leveraging advanced AI to better serve searchers.

Google’s March Core Update: An Attack On Unhelpful Content

This update directly targets two major problems in the online world: low-quality content and misleading SEO tactics. Let’s check in detail what Google is aiming to eliminate:

Unhelpful Content 

Google is actively hunting down and demoting websites that fail to deliver any real value to users. This includes content with:

1. Poor User Experience (UX)

Websites that are difficult to navigate, take forever to load, or hinder users with disrupting ads will be penalised.


2. Thin or Shallow Content

Content lacking depth, substance, or actionable takeaways will be deemed unhelpful.

This includes articles that simply modify information readily available elsewhere without offering a unique perspective or valuable analysis.


3. Keyword Stuffing and Irrelevant Information

Content stuffed with keywords in a desperate attempt to manipulate search rankings while neglecting user intent and providing little value will be flagged and demoted.

Spam Gets Scrutinized

The update also cracks down on various spam tactics. It includes

1. AI-Generated Spam Factors

Websites relying heavily on unchecked, low-quality content generated by AI without proper human oversight and editing will face significant ranking drops.

While AI has been enhanced in content creation, the lack of human understanding of user intent and the tendency towards repetitive, formulaic content often result in content that fails to connect with users.

2. Expired Domain Abuse

This tactic involves exploiting the authority of expired domains to promote unrelated content that doesn’t align with the domain’s original form.

Google is actively identifying and penalizing such practices.

3. Deceptive Site Reputation Abuse

Websites that monetize content irrelevant to their domain, potentially misleading users, will be flagged.

This tactic often involves selling guest posts or allowing low-quality content from third parties to be published on an established website for a fee.

Impact on the Digital World: A Wakeup Call for Websites and Content Creators


The March 2024 Core  update caused a Major shift across various aspects of the digital world

1. Websites Following Best Practices Survive 

Google’s update is rewarding websites that consistently followed its guidelines and prioritised creating high-quality, informative content that caters to user needs.

These websites are likely to see a boost in traffic and rankings.

This update emphasises building a strong foundation based on user experience and content that aligns with Google’s Quality Guidelines.

2. Low-Quality Tactics Backfire

Google’s update is cracking down on websites that heavily relied on manipulative SEO practices or churned out low-quality content for quick wins.

These websites are likely to experience significant ranking drops and may even face penalties.

This update serves as a wake-up call, forcing them to start creating content that actually helps users.

3. Content Creators on Demand

The update elevates the importance of skilled content writers who can craft content with users in mind.

As they aim to slash low-quality content by 40%, skilled human writers are poised to play a vital role. Here’s why:

Those who rely solely on AI-generated content are essentially rephrasing existing material, not creating something truly valuable.

These practices are exactly what Google’s update is penalizing.

The Return of the Human Touch

The Google’s March Core update emphasises the importance of skilled content writers who can craft user-centric content that provides real value. Here’s why human expertise remains irreplaceable in the AI era.

Understanding User Intent

Skilled content writers can delve deeper into user intent, crafting content that precisely addresses users’ needs and the specific search queries they use.

This allows them to anticipate user pain points and offer effective solutions, creating a stronger connection with the audience.

While AI is making strides, it currently struggles to capture the emotions of human intent and searcher behaviour.

This is where skilled human writers really score.

Originality and Creativity

AI-generated content often struggles with originality and can fall into repetitive patterns.

The most engaging way to present content is by following the pattern of storytelling.

Understanding the situation is the most important aspect.

Human writers bring fresh perspectives, unique voices, and the ability to include humor and storytelling into their work, making content more engaging and memorable.

Building Trust and Authority

Content written with a human touch creates trust and establishes authority with readers.

Human writers can add their expertise and experiences into the narrative.

It creates a  connection with readers on a deeper level. This builds trust and positions the writer as a credible source of information.

Ignoring The Core Update Impact

Ignoring this core update can be a costly affair for websites. Eventually sites will experience the  following implications.

1. Decline in traffic and visibility

Websites with low-quality content or manipulative SEO techniques will see significant drops in search ranking and organic traffic.

2. Fall in engagement

Unhelpful content fails to capture user attention, leading to a decline in user engagement and conversions.

3. Damage to brand reputation.

Penalties for low-quality content or manipulative practices can affect a website’s value as well as its brand reputation.

4. Waste of resources

Investing in outdated SEO tactics or content that doesn’t resonate with users wastes valuable resources.

Smart players in the market will emerge from this algorithm change with quality content and effective white hat SEO tactics, while those who haven’t adapted will face severe competition and will be left behind in search engine rankings.

Implications of the March Core Update on Digital Marketing

Digital marketers must reassess their strategies and prioritise user needs. Returning to basics and adopting an approach involving human oversight is essential. This includes

1. Content Marketing

Concentrate on generating valuable, informative, and engaging content that both educates and entertains users.

Collaborate with content creators who understand user intent and can produce top quality content in line with Google’s criteria.

2. Link Building

 Create genuine connections and obtain backlinks from reputable websites related to your field. 

Emphasise earning backlinks through high-quality content that naturally attracts links from other websites.

3. Technical SEO

While the update prioritises content quality, websites with good content but Technical SEO issues like slow loading times or mobile-friendliness problems may still see a slight decline in rankings.

This is because a positive user experience is still a factor, and technical SEO contributes to that experience.

4. Rely on Advanced Tools

Monitor your website’s performance using analytics tools and adjust your strategies based on user behaviour and trends in search engine rankings.

It’s Both a Challenge and Opportunity

To conclude, Google’s March Core Update is both a challenge and an opportunity for content creators.

Original content will thrive from now on.

Prioritise user intent when crafting content, incorporating valuable insights, and developing a unique style.

The goal of these efforts should be to enhance user experience, not solely to improve rankings.

This shift presents a clear opportunity to provide more opportunities for original content creators.

While AI is a valuable tool, it should be used as an aid rather than relied upon entirely.

We should create harmony with AI and Human Touch. 

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