In 2023, Everywhere in the Internet or offline we see someone offering courses. Everyone assumes expertise in their field to provide training. The same applies to digital marketing skills training. 

Digital marketing is an in demand skill that is being highlighted only in the last 2 years. There are a lot of people and institutions offering digital marketing courses even for the teenagers. But the catch here is that you will be taught irrelevant and outdated skills.

Only when you get yourself in the digital marketing career, you will understand the time and energy lost while learning something that doesn’t matter. So it should be considered number one priority to join a digital marketing training offering industry relevant updated skills.

Future Ready Digital marketing Skills

Planning and Lead Generation with Data Analytics

Data is the new oil in this digital decade.Data analytics refers to the utilisation of functional procedures and modern softwares to gather and process a wide range of information from different online interactions of your target market. Monitoring and reporting via Google Analytics is straight forward, but the tricky part is how we gather and use that information to extract customer behaviour.

 An ideal digital marketer should know how to make informed decisions by getting rid of irrelevant and duplicate data.

Data Analytics

Effective 360° Marketing Campaign

A buzzword that is not new, but has been thrown around for a while is 360 marketing. It is an integrated campaign with focussed messaging spread across multiple points of customer contact.  To put it simply,it is creating an  illusion that a particular brand is everywhere

It comprises identifying where the customers are engaging with the brand, what they say about the brand, how the brand plays its role in their day to day lives.

To work out a successful 360 campaign, it is necessary to make eye-catching, thoughtful placement of the message, selecting the most relevant mediums and channels, accurately measuring return on advertising spend and measuring the efficiency of the campaign.

360 marketing

Interactive VR Marketing

Well, although VR might be too costly for many marketing budgets, it’s getting more and more prevalent.

Consumer and enterprise VR market revenue is expected to reach $6.71 billion by the end of 2022, and $12.9 billion by 2024. As it grows, we’re seeing a handful of brands leverage it for product promotion.

For instance, High-end fashion house Gucci recently launched Gucci Town. A virtual world within the Roblox metaverse. where Players can explore the town, learn about the house’s history, and connect with other people in the game. Researchers in Europe went a step further by inventing a haptic glove called Haptex. It allows one to buy from an online store by experiencing and touching the fabric.

Virtual Reality

Targeted Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is the use of automated technology for buying the advertising space as opposed to conventional methods of digital marketing skills. It depends on algorithms and machines to buy ads without human intervention. Ads can be bought and sold on a case by case using real time bidding. Major benefits of using automation include precise targeting of the customers using AI assistance, higher conversion rates and cheaper client acquisition.

Programmatic Advertising

Personalised and Interactive Marketing

The success of your marketing campaign depends on how well you know your audience. To actively engage with the audience, more and more marketing professionals are turning to interactive marketing. As per Deloitte, interactive marketing is 23% more effective than traditional marketing in creating brand awareness.

It generally consists of quizzes or polls, personally curated content like making boring infographics with much more fun while delivering users with the relevant information.

Interactive Marketing

Creative Video ads

It generally comprises online graphic advertising through banners, text, images, video and audio. The major purpose is to post company ads on third party websites. It should be interactive and allow brands to deeply engage with the users.

Visual content enables you to add emotion in a shorter span of time and make the communication more effective. As per Digital marketing world, by 2021, 13% of all internet traffic will consist of a live video.


Eye Catching Google Ads

Inorder to drastically expand brand reach and generate high revenue, it is necessary to use in demand keywords. By Pay Per Click advertising, it can generate more business. If you are proficient with the word dexterity, you can snatch some of the highest salaries in digital marketing. To do PPC, you need to think emotionally, scientifically and strategically. It also demands effective creation, optimisation and report on campaigns using both google ad word planner and analytics.


Original and Creative Content Creation

Attractive content is the core of digital marketing whether it is seo, google ads or social media marketing.After all, written content is an important part of digital marketing be it in an email newsletter or a social media post.

 Content generation is a tedious task when it comes to blogging and video ads. To be a good content creator, you must have faster reading and analytical skills. It is necessary to create attractive content and at the same time should be  SEO friendly

Creative Thinking

CRM and Retention Marketing

A proficient digital marketer needs to develop skills for customer relation management. It involves strategies you can use to monitor and maximise customer experience. Connecting with customers on a personal and emotional level is an added advantage for the brand as it improves customer loyalty. Additionally, remarketing is easy with CRM methods. Empathy and communication along with other leadership skills are necessary to improve customer service management and making sure that your customers are satisfied.

Impressive CRO

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the art of testing different website pages, copy and calls to action CTAs to identify what converts the best. Analysing it enables you to convert traffic to conversions and further sales. The skill calls for copywriting and web designing also.

 Only an expert digital marketer can boost conversion rates by consistently monitoring and improving from their previous experiences. Our CRO expert have listed out a series of methods to boost CRO and sales.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

As we said earlier, Digital marketing skill is an in demand talent. The road never ends in the field. 

The best is yet to come for digital marketing. Sounds great right? But to be in the top 1% in the field, you should be updated with the latest skills. As long as the market evolves, skills need to be updated in the field of marketing. Whether you are an independent marketer or associating with a company, strategic thinking will be the top 1 skill you need to master.

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