AI tools are getting more and more advanced each day.

Chatbots like ChatGPT or Google Gemini are becoming more insightful .

What about accuracy and the source of information? That is where Perplexity AI comes in.

Created in 2022, the tool shows best-performing traits of the traditional search engines and AI chatbots, providing a real question-and-answer interaction with used sources and citations.

Unlike any of its competitors Perplexity AI generates the citation for its answers , allowing you to check the facts on the spot.

Its rapidly growing number of users proves that people want to use a powerful conversation-based tool mixed with the reliability of the search engine.

Plans and Pricing

Perplexity AI understands that users have different needs, which is reflected in its two pricing Plans:

Perplexity AI offers a Free plan for exploration, including search, AI answers, and limited access to enhanced AI models.

The Pro plan ($20/month or $200/year) is for power users,with unlimited access to cutting-edge AI models (GPT-4, Claude, etc.), expanded queries, and file uploads. 

Choosing the Right Plan

Consider how you’ll use Perplexity AI. For occasional searches and exploration, the Free plan is a great starting point.

If you’re a researcher, student,  or professional who needs the best possible results and tools,  the Pro plan is likely the better investment.

Why Perplexity AI

Perplexity Ai Citation Source

The Good Stuff

Answers With Sources

Perplexity merges AI-generated answers with citations from its own search engine. This means you can fact-check instantly, ensuring greater accuracy.

Research Reimagined

Perplexity lets you ‘focus’ your search on specific areas like academic papers, Reddit discussions, etc., streamlining your research process.


Power User’s Access

 The Pro plan offers multiple cutting-edge AI models (GPT-4, Claude, etc.), letting you customise the experience.

Keeping Up with Trend

Perplexity’s rapid rise in popularity suggests users are hungry for this blend of search and AI.

It indicates a strong commitment to future improvement.


Intuitive and Clean Interface

Perplexity boasts a user-friendly design that makes navigating its features easy, even for those less familiar with AI tools.

This lowers the barrier to entry for getting the most out of the tool.

Room for Growth


Accuracy Isn’t Perfect

Like any AI, mistakes can happen. Double-checking and critical thinking remain important.


Creativity Isn’t its Forte

While decent for factual queries, Perplexity’s text generation is less impressive than tools like ChatGPT dedicated to creative writing.

Pro is Costly

 At $20/month, the Pro version isn’t cheap. However, if you’re a researcher or power user, the value might be there.


Information Cut-Off

While Perplexity’s own search keeps results more current than chatbots restricted to older data, there’s still some lag compared to real-time news found on traditional search engines.


Source Reliability Varies

While citations are helpful, Perplexity still pulls from the open web. It’s up to the user to evaluate the credibility of the original sources provided.

Obvious Comparisons

Whenever a promising newcomer enters the tech arena, comparisons to established leaders are inevitable.

In the world of AI, one important factor users consider is speed.

How does Perplexity AI’s response time compare to established tools like ChatGPT and Gemini?

Let’s look at factors that could influence your choice:

Perplexity AI vs. ChatGPT

Speed and Efficiency

Perplexity AI might take a bit longer to provide an initial response since it integrates search results.

However, its citations offer a significant advantage, allowing you to immediately verify the accuracy of the information, ultimately leading to quicker usable answers.

On the other hand, ChatGPT boasts faster raw response times due to its conversational focus.

Cost Optimization

Both Perplexity AI and ChatGPT offer a free versions, allowing you to test the platforms and experiment with their capabilities.

If you need more advanced features, Perplexity AI’s Pro plan unlocks multiple AI models for a customized experience.

Similarly, ChatGPT’s Plus version provides access to the latest GPT models and may even include additional future enhancements.

Capacity Constraints

Like many cloud-based AI tools, Perplexity AI may occasionally experience slowdowns or errors when a large number of users are accessing it at the same time.

ChatGPT faces the same limitation.

However, ChatGPT Plus users might have an advantage, as they may receive priority during these high-traffic periods, reducing the likelihood of disruptions to their experience.


Perplexity AI offers a conversational experience, and its ‘focus’ feature lets you guide the conversation for more targeted results.

ChatGPT also provides a conversational feel, and its popularity means there’s a vast collection of user-created prompt examples available.

This can potentially lead to even more dynamic and unexpected interactions with the AI.

Ease Of Use

Perplexity AI has a clean, streamlined interface, potentially making it a great entry point for those new to AI chatbots.

While ChatGPT is widely recognized for its simplicity and accessibility, Perplexity AI’s focus on a clear, uncluttered design might give it an edge in terms of initial ease of use.

Overall User Experience

Perplexity AI prioritizes accuracy, fact-checking, and verifiable information, making it a powerful tool for research or when reliable sources are crucial.

On the other hand, ChatGPT excels in generating creative text and fostering a sense of community and shared discovery due to its widespread popularity.

Perplexity AI vs. Gemini

Speed and Efficiency

Perplexity AI’s independent search function could lead to slightly longer response times for certain queries.

On the other hand , Gemini’s integration with Google Search gives it a potential speed advantage, especially when it can directly provide answers from existing web results.

Cost Optimization

Perplexity AI’s Pro version costs $20/month and unlocks enhanced features and access to powerful AI models.

Gemini adopts the same pricing structure, but its value may be even greater for users who are deeply integrated into the Google ecosystem and regularly use tools like Gmail and Google Docs.

Capacity Constraints

Like most cloud-based AI models, Perplexity AI will likely face limitations during times of exceptionally high user traffic.

Gemini, on the other hand, benefits from Google’s vast infrastructure.

This could potentially make it more resilient during peak usage periods, reducing the likelihood of slowdowns or errors.


Both Perplexity AI and Gemini offer a conversational experience.

Perplexity AI’s ability to access web resources adds a dynamic element to its answers.

Gemini also engages in natural conversations, but its true advantage lies in its integration with Gmail, Google Docs, and other tools.

This seamless integration allows you to leverage AI-generated output directly within the familiar workflows of the Google ecosystem.

Overall User Experience

Perplexity AI’s focused interface could appeal to users who prefer a clean and uncluttered experience.

Gemini, on the other hand, benefits from the familiarity of Google Search.

This makes it incredibly easy to adopt for those already comfortable within the Google ecosystem.

Perplexity AI In SEO

While Perplexity AI might not be able to compete with highly specialized SEO tools, it serves some unique purposes that could help you gather research faster and find hidden opportunities; that’s how you could utilise it in SEO, more specifically in keywords in other areas 

1. Understanding User Intent


Questions your Audience would like to Answer

As per perplexity, you can understand the questions people are asking to learn what specific problems and pain points your ideal customers would like to solve, you will get more relevant keywords and contents.

Search Intent Beyond Keywords

In contrast, Perplexity’s focus on context allows you to understand the intent behind searches, helping you perceive whether people aim to compare products, inform themselves, or transact.

Creating content in accordance with these intents enhances your ranking possibilities .

2. Finding Long-Tail Keywords

Related Searches

Perplexity can show you other related searches made by users.

This broadens your search term horizons, uncovering phrases that are less competitive but highly targeted to potential customers.

Uncovering ‘Hidden’ Keywords

Sometimes, the perfect keyword is one you  wouldn’t even think of on your own. 

Perplexity’s ability to understand complex, conversational queries can reveal terms and phrases you might have missed, opening up new avenues for optimization.

3. Content Ideation and Development:

Topic Brainstorming

If you are looking for inspiration, Perplexity can suggest blog topics based on your main keyword, including potential headings and subheadings.

It’s a great way to overcome writer’s block and ensure your content aligns with what users are actually searching for.

Content Structure

Perplexity can analyze top-ranking pages to understand common question formats, themes, and overall structure.  Use these insights to tailor your content for the best chance at matching search intent.

Limitations to Keep in Mind:


Perplexity might not provide the same level of granular keyword metrics (search volume, difficulty, etc.) as dedicated SEO platforms. Use it in conjunction with specialized tools for the most comprehensive data.

Contextual Understanding

While Perplexity interprets language well, it’s important to critically review its suggestions.

Ensure the suggested keywords align with your brand, products, and target audience.

Bonus Tip 

Perplexity excels at responding to follow-up questions.

Use this to your advantage! Start with a broad keyword, then ask Perplexity to dig deeper, suggest variations, and explore related topics.

This repetitive approach can reveal unexpected keyword opportunities.

Focus on Reliability Pays Off

Perplexity AI is rapidly gaining traction with users seeking trustworthy information.

Unlike some AI chatbots prone to inaccuracies, Perplexity’s emphasis on citing sources builds credibility.

This focus on reliability, coupled with its intuitive interface, is fueling increased adoption.

This trend signals a shift toward AI search tools that prioritise factual information, offering a responsible alternative to the sometimes-unreliable results found in traditional search engines or unverified chatbot responses.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right AI tool depends on your needs.

Perplexity AI shines when it comes to in-depth research with its emphasis on source citations and summarising complex information, building trust.

However, its smaller user base and limited creative functions might be a drawback for some.

ChatGPT excels at creative tasks and brainstorming but lacks the fact-checking rigour of Perplexity.

While Gemini, especially for Google users, offers seamless integration, speed, and accuracy, it might not be as engaging or creatively versatile

Gemini’s connection to Google’s infrastructure gives it an edge for now, but Perplexity’s focus on reliability signals a bright future.

Ultimately, the best tool depends on whether you prioritise accuracy and credible research (Perplexity, Gemini), creative output (ChatGPT), or convenience within the Google ecosystem (Gemini).

With rapid advancements in AI, the landscape is constantly changing; experiment to find what suits you best!

Choose the Best “Tool” Not Alternate

Powerful as they are, AI tools cannot replace critical thinking and creativity.

Harness their power while maintaining your unique perspective and evaluating outputs carefully.Remember, even the best AI tools continuously evolve.

Experiment to discover how they enhance your process, but always value your own originality.

Power up your creativity with AI tools like Perplexity AI.