The internet is saturated with various forms of advertising, be it display ads or video ads, which intrude upon our internet usage with personalised content.

Many of these ads can disrupt the user experience.

Whether we need them or not, we are compelled to engage with these ads. We often feel irritated, scrolling past, ignoring, or skipping them without taking any action. Here, native advertising emerges as a solution.

Relatively New

While the term “Native advertising” is relatively new, the practice has been adopted by brands like John Deere, who use engaging stories for their promotion.

In this discussion, we will delve deeply into the practice of Native Advertising and explain its significance for brand recognition and advertisement in the online world.

What is Native Advertising?

As you scroll through your social media feed, you may come across a post about a fashion store or new designs that doesn’t seem like a typical ad.

It has a personalised, human tone and is engaging.

Hooked, you check it out and find a link that redirects you to the store’s website.

This seamless experience increases the likelihood of you liking the content and making a purchase.

Non Distruptive 

This is native advertising in action.

It involves integrating ads with the format of the platform they appear on, similar to traditional ads but without being overly intrusive or “shouting”.

Studies show that users are more likely to engage with and purchase through native ads due to their non-disruptive nature and personalised approach.

How to Spot Native Ads

To identify native advertising, look for subtle labels like “recommended for you” or “sponsored” that appear alongside organic content in your feed.

Native Ads blends with  surrounding content, providing a smooth browsing experience while effectively promoting the brand’s message.

Types of Native Advertising at a Glance

  1. Recommendation Widgets: Recommendation Widgets: Suggest related content based on your interests to keep you engaged and exploring.
  2. Promoted Listings: Paid product placements.
  3. Paid Search Ads: Sponsored search results.
  4. In-Feed Units: Ads integrated into feeds.
  5. Display with Native Elements: Disguised display ads.
  6. Custom Ads: Unique, tailor-made ads.

Traditional Advertising V/S Native Advertising

A common question arises: how exactly does native advertising differ from traditional advertising? Let’s take a closer look to clarify the difference.

Traditional ads vs native advertising

Benefits of Native Advertising

Native advertising offers a solution to the drawbacks of traditional ads.

By integrating seamlessly with content, they bypass ad blockers and combat banner blindness, capturing attention that would otherwise be lost. Their non-disruptive nature prevents ad fatigue, ensuring your message stays relevant. Furthermore, native ads can be precisely targeted to individual user interests, delivering personalised content that resonates and drives engagement.

Benefits for Advertisers


Captivate & Engage Audiences

Native ads seamlessly blend with content, cutting through the noise of traditional ads and capturing attention in an increasingly ad-saturated environment. By delivering relevant and non-disruptive experiences, they foster deeper engagement, build trust, and cultivate brand affinity.

Maximise Results

Precise targeting and a content-driven approach lead to increased purchase intent, greater ROI, and reduced ad fatigue compared to traditional formats.

Tell Your Story

Craft compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience, leveraging the flexibility of native ads to create engaging content.

Mobile-First Optimization

With seamless adaptation to mobile devices, native ads ensure your message reaches audiences wherever they are.

Benefits for Publishers


Enhance Revenue and Engagement

Native ads provide a lucrative revenue stream while seamlessly integrating with your content, enhancing user experience and encouraging longer visits.

Drive Traffic and Boost Performance

Strategically placed native ads can guide users to other relevant content on your site, increasing traffic and improving overall ad performance through higher click-through rates and engagement.

Maintain Brand Integrity

Partner with advertisers whose content aligns with your brand values, ensuring a cohesive and trustworthy experience for your audience.

Benefits for Users


Uninterrupted Experience

Native ads respect the user’s time and attention by not interrupting their browsing or content consumption.

Discover & Explore

Native ads are tailored to individual interests, providing valuable information and recommendations that spark curiosity and introduce users to new brands, products, or services.


The format feels less like a sales pitch and more like a natural part of the content they’re already consuming, building trust and credibility.

Top Native Advertising Platforms

Social Media Takes Center Stage

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktiok and Twitter have become the dominant players in native advertising, offering unparalleled reach and precise targeting options.

With in-feed ads that seamlessly blend with user-generated content, brands can connect with their ideal audience on a personal level, driving engagement and building lasting relationships.

Other Noteworthy Platforms
  • Content discovery platforms like Outbrain, Taboola, and Nativo also offer effective native advertising solutions, particularly for reaching audiences on premium publisher sites.
  • Advertising networks like Setupad provide advertisers with access to a diverse range of publishers and ad formats, allowing for greater flexibility and reach.

Measuring Native Advertising Success

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing it. A higher CTR means your ad is effective at attracting clicks.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of clicks that lead to a desired action (e.g., purchase, sign-up). This measures how well your ad drives results.

Engagement Rate

Measures interactions like likes, shares, and comments, showing how much your audience interacts with your ad.


The number of times your ad is displayed.


The percentage of time your ad is actually seen by users.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of users who leave your landing page without taking any action. A high bounce rate may indicate a disconnect between your ad and landing page.

Native Advertising: The Transparency Dilemma

The Flip Side


Potential for Deception

Unclear labelling or overly promotional content can erode the trust that users place in both the advertiser and the publisher.

It’s crucial to strike a balance between promotion and providing value to maintain credibility.

Erosion of Trust

Unclear labelling or overly promotional content damages credibility.

Clickbait & Misleading Content

Deceptive practices harm brand reputation and alienate audiences.

The Ethical Approach


Clear Disclosure

Essential for building and maintaining trust.

Honest Content

Focus on providing value and relevant information.

Transparency as a Priority

Ensures native advertising remains a positive tool for connecting brands with consumers. Gives high value for content quality.

Real List Case studies of Native Advertising

Native ads  have evolved into a platform for shaping cultural narratives, going beyond mere promotion.

Netflix’s collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, exploring Colombian drug cartels, fueled interest in “Narcos” and ignited global conversations.

Similarly, Airbnb’s partnership with The New York Times shared heartwarming stories, humanising the brand.

These examples showcase the power of native ads  to spark dialogue, influence perspectives, and forge deeper connections with audiences.

Future Of Native Advertising

The future of native ads  is all about authenticity and seamless integration.

Social media platforms, mobile-first design, video content, and user-generated content will play a major role.

Transparency and ethical practices remain essential for building trust and ensuring long-term success.

Summing Up

Native advertising is experiencing unprecedented growth, projected to surpass $4.3 billion by 2027, driven by consumer demand for authentic and seamless brand interactions.

This evolution is fueled by the dominance of social media, the need for mobile optimization, the rise of video content, and the increasing value of user-generated content.

Need Expert Guidance

However, navigating this evolving landscape requires a comprehensive  understanding of native advertising’s unique potential and challenges.

Replicating traditional campaigns onto native platforms, neglecting campaign management, or compromising on content quality can hinder success.

To truly unlock the power of native advertising, partner with a technically brilliant agency.

Their expertise will guide you in crafting resonant content, optimising your strategy, and ensuring ethical practices for lasting results.

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