May 2024 was a transformative month for digital advertising, with Google’s I/O conference showcasing significant Google Ads updates and highlighting the increasing power of AI in ads and search.

Alongside this AI revolution, Facebook (Meta) also rolled out significant updates to its ad platform, impacting everything from campaign creation to creative assets.

Let’s dive into the details and explore how these changes are reshaping advertising strategies.

Google I/O 2024 Update in a Nutshell

Gemini in Workspace

Gemini AI boosts efficiency and unlocks insights for Google Workspace users, especially advertising teams.

Project Astra

Google’s ambitious AI assistant is designed to go beyond basic tasks, anticipating user needs and continuously learning to provide a more personalized and helpful experience.

Generative AI for Video

Veo, a groundbreaking generative AI model, empowers businesses and advertisers to produce high-quality videos effortlessly from text prompts.

This democratisation of video production opens up new avenues for creating impactful video advertising campaigns, even for those with limited resources.

Enhanced ImageFX & MusicFX

Google’s AI-powered tools for image and music generation, ImageFX and MusicFX, have received significant upgrades.

These enhancements provide advertisers with greater control over image editing and the ability to create unique musical compositions, further expanding the creative possibilities for advertising content.

AI-Powered Search Ads & Overviews

Google integrates ads into AI-powered search, offering advertisers targeted opportunities throughout the user’s search journey.

Google Ads Updates

Generative AI in Ads (With Limitations)

Google is leading the charge in incorporating generative AI into advertising, allowing advertisers to create generic product and lifestyle images at scale.

However, remember that these AI tools cannot generate visuals with branded items or logos.

Enhanced Shopping Ads

Google is prioritising immersive shopping experiences with features like Virtual Try-On and 3D ads in Shopping campaigns.

Interactive elements like product videos and recommendations are also designed to guide shoppers towards informed purchase decisions.

AI-Powered Search Ads

Google’s experimental AI-powered Search ads offer a new level of personalization, guiding users through complex purchase decisions with tailored recommendations.

Demand Gen Campaigns Expansion

Google’s high-reach Demand Gen campaigns are now accessible to more advertisers, providing wider opportunities for brand awareness and demand generation.

Animated Image Ads on YShorts

This new format automatically transforms your existing images and product feeds into eye-catching animated ads, perfect for reaching the massive audience on YouTube Shorts.

AI Overviews with Ads

Google is experimenting with placing Search and Shopping ads within AI Overviews, potentially offering a new way to reach consumers at the information-seeking stage.

Google Ads Data Manager

Take control of your first-party data like never before!

Google’s new user-friendly tool Data Manager,  simplifies the management and activation of your valuable customer and website visitor data.

This means you can create highly targeted and personalised ad campaigns that resonate with your audience, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Facebook (Meta) Ads Updates

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

In May 2024, Meta officially announced the global expansion of Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, making them available to all eligible advertisers worldwide.

This marked a significant milestone for the campaign type, opening up opportunities for businesses of all sizes to benefit from its streamlined approach and machine learning-driven optimization.

Reels Ads Expansion

Facebook is expanding the reach of Reels ads, offering advertisers more opportunities to connect with audiences through short-form video content.

New targeting options and creative formats are available to enhance engagement.

AI-Driven Creative Tools

Meta rolled out new AI-powered tools within Ads Manager to empower advertisers to create more compelling ad copy, optimise visuals, and deliver personalised ad experiences.
Limitations of Facebook Ads

While Facebook offers powerful advertising tools, advertisers should be aware of potential limitations: declining organic reach, increasing ad costs, ad fatigue, and privacy concerns due to extensive data collection.

Effectiveness can vary depending on audience and industry, requiring careful planning.

Key Takeaways for Advertisers

AI is Reshaping Advertising

Embrace the power of AI in advertising while understanding its limitations and using it responsibly.


Prioritise Immersive Experiences

Invest in high-quality visuals, interactive elements, and video content to capture attention and engage users.


Leverage First-Party Data

Leverage First-Party Data: Utilise tools like Google Ads Data Manager to harness your data for improved campaign performance.

As third-party cookies become obsolete, Google’s robust first-party data infrastructure gives them a significant advantage over platforms like Facebook in targeting and measurement.


Create Sound-On Experiences

Embrace the shift towards sound-on content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to maximise engagement.

What To Expect

The May 2024 updates clearly indicate that AI, immersive experiences, and sound-on content are shaping the future of digital advertising.

As Google ads updates and meta ads updates , states that we must stay informed, adapt their strategies, and embrace the responsible use of new tools and features to thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape.