Social media marketing has turned out to be a common name for businesses of all sizes. It has developed as a trend to raise a business with social media marketing services. Certainly, this pace of change is due to the rapid growth of the use of social media throughout the world. The progress of social media has opened a wider opportunity for internet marketers to build brand visibility across the web. However, building an effective social media marketing strategy for a business to relish its success is not an easy task.

 Internet marketers are knocking their heads to devise the right SMO strategy for the businesses. A point that every internet marketer ought to remember is that each business is unique and it is crucial to document a strategy for each business.

Essentially, a perfect social media optimization strategy should focus on four simple steps

  • Understand the audience trend
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Structure your goals and objectives
  • Plot a route to mark your goals
  • Measure your success

How to understand the audience trend?

To focus on social media marketing it is vital to recognize your audience. Understanding the audience is obligatory to collect the following information


  • What type of products is the audience interested in?
  • Which age group of the audience is interested in products?
  • From which demography does the audience come from?
  • How many of your customers are returning?
  • Customer’s positive and negative feedback?


If you are able to picture your audience behavior, then you can go ahead to understand the performance of your competitors in social media.

Do you know how your competitors perform?

Social media optimization requires a brief research on your competitors which not only enables you to be aware of what your competitors do, it also helps in understanding what strategy works and you could incorporate their successful tactics in your business. As a first step, make a list of around 4-5 of your competitors. Analyze the social networks which your competitors focus on. Take a note of the count of their page likes or followers, posting frequency, posting time and the engagement they get for a post. A significant part is to understand their content strategy which includes the type and context of the content.

Structure your Social Media Marketing goals and objectives

Once you have understood your audience and competitors you can go about setting your business goals. It is always appreciable to set goals that are attainable. Let’s explore the few goals you can set for the social media optimization of your business

  • Create Brand Awareness by posting exciting content thereby increasing the traffic, page followers and engagement
  • Boost Brand Engagement by enabling your audience to share, like and comment on your posts.
  • Drive Website Traffic by embedding the website links on your posts and track the clicks on your page, time spent, bounce rate, the action took etc.
  • Evaluate the hashtags Performance by analyzing which hashtags are associated with your brand most often used the hashtag, which hashtag made more engagement etc.
  • Grow your revenue by generating quality leads and track your analytics to understand if your efforts are paying off.

Plan a route to mark your goals

Devising a perfect route aids in achieving your destination goals. Everyone is aware of the fact that the majority of people of all ages use Facebook, yet you have to focus on Facebook marketing only if you have come to a conclusion that your audience gets engaged to your brand through Facebook marketing. For instance, through initial analysis, if you have come to a conclusion that your audience is engaged most on Facebook, your social media optimization works if you focus on Facebook marketing.

Plan your route by dividing your actions into different phases. Initially, create brand awareness by posting exciting content. Then you can focus on video content which is widely getting popular with Facebook marketing. Creating visually appealing videos about your brand can attract your audience. Eventually, you can plan to conduct contests and offer giveaways to the audience to make users engaged. Make sure that you keep on interacting with your audience throughout your route.

Measure your success

For achieving a successful social media optimization you have to keep on analyzing your efforts. Making the right choice at the first step is a difficult task in SMO. Hence, tracking your activities enables you to understand what works and what doesn’t .This provides a room for improvement.

Now it’s your turn to build an effective social media marketing strategy that marks the better ROI for your business considering the actions recommended in the article. If you are looking for an effective social media marketing strategy for your business feel free to leave us a message and we will contact you.As a leading social media optimisation and social media marketing company we assure your business success.