Gone are the days where social media was a platform for messaging and acquisition. Now social media plays a major role in SEO that emphasizes promoting business. Social signals refer to the engaging actions on social platforms like, dislikes, shares, views, etc. which normally help to exhibit a particular content as most engaging or popular. One thing to remember is that you won’t gain anything just with a social activity. The result of the activity matters. From an SEO point of view, promoting your content through social media increases the exposure of your content when other people link to it from their websites or blogs. Let’s explore how social signals positively impact SEO.


The psychological theory is that customers always trust the recommendations from friends or family rather than advertising. It’s possible to build trust through social media when they share, endorse or like a post which implies that the content mentioned in the post is trustworthy as consumers now expect to find brands, products, and services on social platforms. Hence, social signals transform as social confirmation. The more your post gets shared they add credibility to your content. 

Link Metrics

Even though there are many arguments surrounding the importance of links in SERP, links still play a major role in SEO. It is widely speculated that articles with a positive social signal yields more inbound links and citations. Increased number of social shares for a blog naturally increases the quality of a blog post which convinces the audience to view it and link to it within their own content.

How to Increase Social Signals?

For a business to rank higher in search engines pages, in addition to the SEO tactics, sophisticated social media strategy should be followed. Following the right social media strategy drives engagement resulting in the increase of social signals.

Let’s explore ways to increase social signals.

Content is the King of all strategies

Valuable, engaging or informative content dependably induces positive interaction than conspicuous or spammy promoting. Research reveals that the majority of the people share content to support, stay connected, entertainment, and self-fulfillment. Hence it is important to shape the content in such a way that it convinces the audience. 

Post at the right time

Thousands of social posts are shared every day. Necessarily, it does not mean that the posts are reaching the right audience. Hence brands should identify the right time to reach their target audience. It is a bit tedious to identify the right time to post, yet there are many tools available now to schedule your post to send at the time that gets the highest engagement.

Influencer Marketing

Out of thousands of social shares, a social share from an influenced personnel propel your content in social media to reach the stardom status. A share from an influencer has great value as an audience believes that they don’t share content without a cause. 

Inducing Social Signals with Social Advertising

Digital marketers are progressively being compelled to spend money on social platforms to effectively accomplish any sort of reach. Before going into it, brands should first investigate where their audience is and invest accordingly. For accomplishing an effective social signal, you need to continue breaking down your endeavors. 

Settling on the right strategy at the initial step and following your strategy empowers you to comprehend what works and what doesn’t and gives a space to change. 

Now it’s your turn to build an effective social signal that denotes the better ROI for your business considering the strategies suggested in the article. In the event that you are searching for a viable social signal strategy for your business don’t hesitate to leave us a message and we will reach you.