Are you searching for good career choices in digital marketing?  Are certificates essential to be hired in a good company? In this blog you can learn everything you need to know about Digital Marketing Certifications.

If you want to become a professional in Digital Marketing first of all you need to acquire or to join in practical oriented Digital Marketing Training then you need to obtain online certificates .Let’s take some moments to read about certifications

What are Digital Marketing Certifications and is it importance in 2022?

In today’s educational world so many courses, certificate courses, diplomas, degrees are there.

So what about standing out on a different platform? Such as obtaining a Digital Marketing certificate that has diverse career path

To verify one’s knowledge and strategies in Digital Marketing an online certificate is essential by successfully completing the course. The best Digital Marketing Certificates are : 

Google Digital Marketing Certification

The learning platform owned by Google Digital Garage. It is one of the most popular certificates. The course title is “ Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” and it is mostly for people who are new to Digital Marketing .It has 26 modules i.e., 40 hours of video course and it is accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.

The Google Digital Marketing Certification will help you build the following skills like SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. It is an ideal certificate for beginners and it is free. The module structure is well organized.

Hub Spot

Another certification is from Hubspot, including a variety of tools such as SEO tools, content marketing and sales. Hubspot’s online digital marketing certificate course offers the topics such as Inbound marketing, Content Marketing, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. One can get the certificate after successful completion of the course and also the registration is free.

Microsoft Advertising Certification

For beginner level the Microsoft certification is enough and it introduces the foundation to the digital marketing industry such as search, shopping and display advertising. The Search advertising learning path enhances building your knowledge and understanding of search advertising including the Microsoft advertising platform, solutions and search best practices.

The Native and display advertising includes the basics of advertising, creating audience ad campaigns, extending search campaigns to run on Microsoft Audience Network etc. The shopping advertising learning paths cover the account hierarchy to understand Microsoft advertising, ad types, ad extensions, bidding, budgeting and targeting and to use Google import. These certifications are very useful to demonstrate our digital advertising knowledge and skills. To achieve an online certification you have to pass all three certifications though you get certified by the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional (MACP)

Facebook Certifications

For up and coming digital marketers facebook certificates are extremely valuable. The facebook certifications mainly focus on establishing online presence, creating and managing ads and reporting etc. You can redeem this course for free.This certification is well known as Blueprint Digital Marketing Associate certification having 20 week course duration. The course curriculum includes introduction to Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising, Advertise with Facebook, Measure and optimize social media marketing campaigns.

Pursuing a digital marketing certification is worth it and to become an expert you need not only get certified but also you need to acquire enough experience. One thing to notice before enrolling in an online program is to make sure the curriculum has been updated recently.

So if you really need 100 percent practical oriented classes with reputed Digital Certifications, join today!