The digital world dimension has changed with the arrival of AI, and now it has been used in most  unimaginable ways. In a short span, AI has gained a vital role in the digital space that no one can deny. Tech experts have already declared this as a major threat and has started discovering ways to combat it. Despite all this, AI is used as a tool to push new boundaries in creative fields. The latest entry in the list is the addition of  AI features in Performance max

Google is going to introduce new AI features in Performance max by end of 2023. On the first stage it will be open for users in the US and by the end of this year or first half of 2024 it will be available for users all over the world. Before talking about this point, a brief overview is needed for some important terms related with it.

Google Ads with new AI features.

Google Ads in a Nutshell

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Ad Words) is the pinnacle tool used for digital marketing. There are other tools in the digital space but one way or other they all are inspired  by Google Ads. It gained this supreme position by overturning all the conventions of placement. It works on pay per click model where an advertiser bid on a specific keyword to display ads across Google’s platforms. He pay only when user clicks on his ad. It’s a time efficient tool in generating leads and getting high exposure for a product or service.

By keyword testing for a landing page we will be able to collect a colossal amount of data which can be beneficial in campaign creation process. The main advantage of Google Ads is its budget setting. Any player can use it according to his financial affordability. However, Google Ads are not beyond limitations. There are some issued which we can’t ignore.

The main criticism is the cost of Google Ads when competition gets bigger. If there is a demand for a specific keyword then the cost per click also increases. Additionally, if negative keyword is not given then the ad will be placed to wrong users and all efforts can go in vain. Moreover, the main issue is Customer lifecycle, if the advertiser is looking for a long term game then he may not get the expected result rather Return of Investment in initial stages. Google Ads work well for those who aims for short term gains. 

Google always works constantly to outwit the limitations of their tools. One such major up gradation was adding Performance max campaign in Google Ads . It has turned the whole system of ad placement upside and down. The reason for this unrivalled position is automation of the process.

Performance max with New AI Feature

new AI feature in performance max and its scope

Google has updated it performance max campaign with new AI features.

AI Asset Generation

  • The core element in performance max is asset generation. The chance of the campaign getting worked out depends on the quality of asset set up the advertisers. Google claims that with the new feature advertisers will be able to generate quality campaign elements such as headlines and images.
  • The advertisers have to give input text regarding their concept. Based on that, Google AI will create assets including headline and images. These results can be further altered by adding more details in input prompts. The businesses with scarce resources and new players in the market will be the most beneficial with this update.

Simplified Creatives Generation

  • The criticism of Performance max being complex in its process is getting dampen here because most of the tough steps have been simplified with the new feature. 
  • On a bright side advertisers are provided with most advanced features to express their ideas, it is simply changing the perception about online marketing. The success of any technical advancement lies in the degree of its accessibility among the users and the new update has undoubtedly made it more accessible in the market. 

Redundancy Free

  • While unveiling any update involving AI, the concern critics point out is the originality  in the results especially while generating images. Google has already cleared that Google AI will never generate same image, and the result obtained belong to that particular business or advertiser. 
  • To avoid redundancy they are using SynthID in images.  Google has ensured that new update is rolling out within the framework of ads policies and the new possibilities will be used in ethical way and continuous human review for compliance of policies.

The Flip side

While mentioning the plus points of the new feature we must mention the drawbacks also, the main point is

Insufficient Human Touch

  • The lack of human element that may arise due to the update. Already Performance max is an automated campaign but there was a human effort involved at least in asset generation. By involving AI in the process the involvement of human becomes almost zero. The human effort in the whole process will become merely giving prompts by this automation feature. 

Limited Creativity

  • Even though AI is considered to be faster and smarter in generating results it relies on data provided by human. In the creative field, human intelligence has always brought new ideas and concepts, with the automation in the asset generation process, the scope for creativity in being limited and this can affect the quality of the advertisements.

Less Reliable

  • The most crucial point  is the reliability of the results. Despite the assurance of Google in securing data and exclusiveness in results still there is a sense of uncertainty among the users.

Unrectified Issues

The new update fails to solve the present drawbacks of Performance max, they are as follows

  • Lack of control over targeting and keyword setting compared to other campaigns. 
  • The option for adding negative keyword is also excluded in Performance max.  
  • Those who experts in digital marketing may be comfortable using Performance max, but other user may find it difficult to deal because of its complex and constantly changing settings.
  • Increased cost of maintaining. With automation some advanced features will lead to inflation in cost which every advertiser won’t be able to bear. 
  • Privacy protection: Automation in any technical field rely on user data and constant up gradation in this process may lead to privacy concerns among advertisers. The user must be well aware of privacy regulations to make sure whether their data is protected or not. 

In short Google Performance max is almost similar to Google ads in purpose serving i.e. those who need quick and easy way to generate conversion. Those who are well verse with this field may find it less engaging because most of the work is automated, and they have little to contribute in it.

New AI features in Performance Max

Take Away

To sum up all we can say is the new AI feature in Google Ads Performance max will definitely give an advantage over other competitors in the market and its pushing the accessibility of Adverts to next level. While enjoying the technical advancement we must ensure the involvement of human intelligence in the process won’t get impaired.

Talking about creative fields the most competent one would be the advertising field. To generate a lead for a product or service, the professionals behind ads will have to go through extensive research and come up with the most innovative way to present the idea. With the expansion of digital space all the formula in the ad world has changed and on the bright side the possibility of the exposure for an ad has become wider.