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Guidelines for Google Business listings that you should avoid to Prevent Suspension

In order for a local business to rank highly on Google, it is best to appear in the Local Pack, Local Finder, and Google Maps. Having a Guidelines for Google Business Profile is essential.

A Google Business Profile is the only way for small businesses to advertise online and is their sole local SEO tactic. As a result, when a company checks into the Business Profile Manager or discovers that their Google Business Profile has been suspended through Google search, their phone stops ringing, and they get incredibly anxious. They couldn’t possibly be acting improperly as they have a Business Profile and have been for many years. The issue is that Google has precise requirements that all companies must adhere to.

Furthermore, just because a company has thus far gotten away with breaking the law, it doesn’t always follow that it won’t be at some point. Google doesn’t disclose the reason they disabled or suspended your business when they do so. The Guidelines for Representing Your Business On Google must be knowledgeable, understood and adhered to by you as a business owner.

Google frequently updates these terms of services , and occasionally the changes are subtle. Checking this document for changes at least every two months is crucial.

Start building Google business profile

Consequently, what should you do to avoid your Business Profile suspension?

You can create a Business Profile on Google if your company either goes to clients’ locations or has a physical facility that customers can visit. You must: construct a successful guidelines for Business Profile that won’t be suspended:

  • AVOID using any illegal stuff.
  • Accurate representation of your company
  • Obey the guidelines set forth by Google in this article.

Read these restrictions and Guidelines for Google Business Profile to see which regulations your profile breaks.

Business description

Describe the goals and background of your company, as well as the services and goods it offers.

Be truthful in the information you present, and concentrate on pertinent facts that will help your clients understand your company.

Prohibits content that doesn’t relate to your business or is irrelevant. You must follow the guidelines for google business profile.

The published content should not: –

  • Mislead users by giving incorrect or misleading information about your company, its services, or the items offered. Does not permit any types of Links .
Google business profile description.
  • Display distracting or irrelevant low-quality stuff, such as typos, nonsense, or gimmicky characters.
  • The content shouldn’t focus on special offers, discounts, or deals like 50% off or clearance sales, etc.
  • Harassing, bullying or hateful content that encourages violence against individuals or groups are examples of inappropriate or offensive content that Google does not permit. based on factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, and religion
  • The publication prohibits any material with vulgar, filthy, or insulting language.
  • This service may not favors for any recruitment-related purposes by content that contains terrorism or terrorist content. For the sake of education, documentation, science, or the creative arts, Google firmly bans information that shares or promotes terrorism.
  • Denys explicit language, sexually explicit images, and pornographic material in published material. Pedophilia, bestiality, or sexual violence-related terms. Additionally, materials that advertise escort services or other services.
  • Avoid contents relating to the sale of harmful and unlawful products .
  • Avert reading any articles that discuss the purchase or selling of harmful or unlawful goods or services.
  • Uploading materials that abuse or exploit children is prohibited.

Business names

Google Business Listing Names

To make it easier for customers to locate you online, accurately display your company name.

Your name should correspond to the true name of your company that is continuously used on your storefront, website, business cards, etc. In the other areas of your business profile, including information like the address, service region, hours of operation, and category. It’s not allowed to include unnecessary information in your business name, and doing so may result in account suspension. 


Your company’s location needs to be exact and reliable. Locations with post office boxes or mailboxes in outlying areas are unacceptable.

Google Business Address

You can include things like suite numbers, floors, building numbers, landmarks, etc. Put your home address in Address 1 and your mailbox number or suite number in Address 2. Business profiles are not for virtual office addresses. Address lines that don’t relate to your business’s physical location shouldn’t contain URLs or keywords. Don’t make more than one page for the location of your business. You can drop a pin to your location on maps if your company’s address which does not appear in list.

Service area businesses 

Businesses with a defined service area should have a single profile for their central office or other location and opens during regular business hours. Hybrid service-area businesses can specify a service area and display their storefront address.

Service-area enterprises versus storefront businesses

Businesses must have one service-area Business Profile per site if they operate out of several locations with their service areas and staff. The general service region must be at least two hours driving distance from the location of the company.

Website and telephone number

Website and Phone Number Google Business Profile

Offer a phone number that connects to your specific business location or a website that serves as a representation of that location. When possible, call a local number rather than a helpline number for a central call center.

Do not give phone numbers or URLs, including those from pages made on social media platforms, that “refer” or “redirect” consumers to landing pages or phone numbers other than those of the actual business. The business must have full control over the phone number. Guidelines for Google Business Profile mentions the use websites, other regional platforms and additional phone numbers. Does not permits numbers with premium rates. These phone numbers extort money from the caller.

Business Hours

Give your usual business hours when you interact with customers. You may use your present seasonal hours as your regular hours, if appropriate.

 Additionally, you can designate select days—such as holidays or special occasions—for special hours. Certain types of businesses, such as those with variable hours (such as timetables for various types of activities, including showtimes, worship services, or classes) and those that only accept appointments, shouldn’t list their hours.

Businesses that shouldn’t list their hours include, but does not restricts:

  • Indoor accommodations like Hotels, motels, and apartment complexes
  • Schools and colleges
  • Film theatres
  • Airports and transportation services
  • Natural features and event locations

Businesses should use different sets of hours for various industries, such as banks, car dealerships, gas stations, restaurants, storage facilities, and front gate hours.

Seasonal hours should be set for holidays, temporary closures, and other events, and marked as temporarily closed when the business reopens.


Categories make it easier for your consumers to discover precise, relevant results for the services they’re looking for. Use as few categories from the available list to describe your general core business to keep your business information current and correct.

  • Pick categories that are as precise as you can get while still being a good representation of your primary company.
  • Use categories to explain the characteristics of your firm, not only as keywords.
  • Avoid using terms like “business physically enclosed within your business” or “entity that encompasses your business,” which refer to neighbouring or related enterprises.

Select categories that complete the statement “This business IS a” rather than “this business HAS a.” Focus on adding the most specific categories and skip adding redundant categories. Google can detect category information from websites and mentions. Organizations should use categories that represent their business.


Two types of menus exist:

  • A menu for a place to eat and drink (such as a restaurant or cocktail bar) lists the full range of food and drink options offered at the facility.
  • A list of all the services by a certain business, such as a barbershop, spa, or auto repair shop.

Menu guidelines for google business profile are :

  • The menu must accurately represent the products and services to customers at the venue.  Full menus may include connections to other menu pages and may be meal-specific (for example, breakfast, lunch, or supper). For instance, you might decide to connect to the supper menu for your company, which might also include links to the breakfast and lunch menus.
  • It is not acceptable to provide sample menus that simply feature “popular items” (or similar snippets).
  • Does not permits direct links to third-party ordering or delivery services in menu URLs.
  • The business owner must inform and permit to submit a menu URL for a business by third parties who administer Business Profiles on behalf of clients.


If you run a retail business, you can add your in-store merchandise for free to your Business Profile so that local customers can see what you sell. There are two ways to include in-store products in your business profile:

  • Make manual product uploads using the Product Editor.
  • Just use Pointy to add your stuff.

The following guidelines must follow both techniques:

  • Product Editor and Pointy submissions must follow the Shopping Ads Policy. 
  • The content relating to regulated goods and services—such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, financial services, prescription drugs, unauthorized dietary supplements, and medical devices does not permit.
  • Submit products that do not comply with Google’s policies risk being removed along with the complete product catalogue.

Other noteworthy details

Unlawful actions

Guidelines for Google business profile doesn’t tolerate fraudulent or illegal activity and may suspend accounts or remove company information from search results.

Marketing, advertising, or competitions

Any advertising, marketing, competitions, or other giveaways should explicitly link to the activity’s rules and specifications. All such pledges, expressed or implied, must be kept.

Note: If users or organizations break these rules, Google has the right to suspend their access to Business Profiles on Google or other Google Services. If the violation is illegal, Google may also cooperate with law enforcement.

If you want to ensure that your Guidelines for Google business Profile listing follows and optimize for maximum visibility and engagement, here are some tips to consider:

  • Claim and verify your listing: First, claim your business on Google and verify that you are the owner. This will allow you to manage your listing and ensure that it’s accurate and up-to-date.
  • Provide accurate and complete information: Ensure that your business information, such as your name, address, phone number, website, and business hours, are accurate and consistent across all online platforms. Make sure to update your information if anything changes.
  • Use high-quality images: Include high-quality images of your business and products. These images should be clear, well-lit, and appealing to potential customers.
  • Encourage customer reviews: Positive reviews can improve your business’s visibility and reputation. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on your listing, and respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative.
  • Follow Google’s business profile guidelines: Google has specific guidelines for businesses on its platform. Make sure to follow these guidelines to avoid any penalties or negative impact on your listing.
  • Monitor and update your listing regularly: Regularly check your listing to ensure that your information is accurate and up-to-date. Make any necessary updates or changes to improve the quality of your listing.

By following these tips, you can create a well-optimized and effective Google business listing that will help attract new customers and grow your business.