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Reaching Right Audience At The Right Time: How Google Empowered Automotive Dealers With Vehicle Ads

Aim for choosing google ads
  • To Reach Target Audience
  • More Leads
  • More Conversions
method applied through google ads
  • Prepared Comprehensive Inventory Feed
  • Collaborated With Inventory Management Partners
  • Connected Inventory With Google Ads
result obtained through google ads
  • Increased Website Traffic
  • 55% Increase in Conversion
  • Gained More Shop Visits

While we’ve all heard stories of businesses using Google Ads to target their audience – from food dealers and furniture companies to suitcase manufacturers – let’s delve into the story of how the automobile industry has used this powerful tool.

Cars are no longer a symbol of pure luxury. Even the middle class now relies on automobile to meet their daily needs, significantly expanding the customer base for car dealerships. With the used car market growing as well, this is the perfect time.

The story of three ingenious dealerships that used Google Vehicle Ads, a specialised format within Google Ads, to reach their target audience at the perfect moment. Currently available in the US, Canada, and Australia, we can anticipate Google Vehicle Ads arriving in India soon!

The Challenge

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers demand speed and convenience.

Online research has become an inherent habit, extending to virtually every purchase.

However, car buying presents a unique challenge compared to selecting a home appliance. Numerous factors influence car selection, making it a far more complex decision.

This buying process presented a significant challenge for car dealerships: reaching the right audience with the exact car that fulfils all requirements.

Google Vehicle Ads

Just like Google Ads empowers businesses across various industries, they’ve developed a specialised solution for the automotive industry: Google Vehicle Ads. As mentioned earlier, this format operates within the broader Google Ads platform.

The Modus Operandi

Here’s how it works: Dealers create a detailed vehicle inventory data feed, encompassing elements like model, make, mileage, price, and vehicle condition. They then connect this feed to Google Merchant Center.

When a user searches for a specific car, say “2019 SUV for sale,” Google cleverly matches those search requirements with the details in the vast Merchant Center database.

If a match is found, Google displays the information of relevant dealers, effectively connecting potential car buyers with the perfect vehicle.

Google Vehicle ads in automobile industry

The Net Result

This innovative format has proven highly effective.

Dealers who’ve adopted Google Vehicle Ads have reported a significant 25% increase in conversions.  An additional benefit: Google Merchant Center allows dealers to effortlessly track their inventory in real-time.

The Smart Players

Lets Check the examples of Smart Players who have used Google Vehicle Ads to Grow their Business.

Asbury Automotive Group

Faced with the challenge of fulfilling demand of online car shoppers, Asbury Group dealerships cleverly used Google Vehicle Ads to bridge the gap. 

They created a comprehensive inventory feed, with essential details like make, model, price, mileage, and their dealership location.

This strategic move proved highly successful, resulting in a 35% increase in conversions and a 12% boost in conversion value.

Ken Garff Automotive Group

In their effort to reach their ideal customers online, Ken Garff Automotive Group used innovative solutions.

They strategically partnered with an inventory management specialist to create a detailed inventory feed.

This feed included all the crucial specifications car buyers seek, such as make, model, mileage, and price.

By seamlessly integrating this data with Google Vehicle Ads, Ken Garff achieved remarkable results, experiencing a 55% increase in conversions.

They even gained more store visits than any other campaigns.


As the leading automotive dealer in the US, CarMax understood the crucial role of connecting the right car with the right customer at the right time.

To achieve this, they smartly built their inventory feed and harnessed the power of machine learning and automation embedded within Google Vehicle Ads.

This strategic decision yielded impressive results, driving a significant increase in website traffic for CarMax and facilitating connections with a wider pool of potential customers.

The Common Factor

These successful dealerships all shared a common factor: understanding the critical need to reach the right people with the right information at the right moment.

They moved beyond the  traditional methods and embraced the power of online platforms to achieve more sales.

Within the online stream, they made a strategic selection – Google Vehicle Ads – the platform most suited to connect with their target audience.

This adaptability and platform choice were the hallmarks of their success.

Expecting to Reach wider audiences

Rolled out in March 2022, Google Vehicle Ads initially active in the US, Canada, and Australia. 

While Google hasn’t officially confirmed further expansion, the program’s success in these initial markets suggests a global rollout is likely to happen soon.

Fueled by the inspiring stories of these smart dealerships, we can anticipate Google Vehicle Ads reaching a wider audience soon.

On a brighter note Google will unveil Vehicle ads in the UK at Car Dealer Live in March 2024.

Key Takeaways

Challenges are inevitable, but the path to success lies in choosing the right tools for the job. Just as Google Vehicle Ads empowered the automotive industry, Google offers a vast array of solutions across various mediums.

The key lies in identifying the most effective platform to reach your target audience and maximising its potential.