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Home From Grandma’s Kitchen To Global Kitchens. Story Of Sitara’s Homemade Pickles

From Grandma’s Kitchen To Global Kitchens. Story Of Sitara’s Homemade Pickles

Aim for choosing google ads
  • Brand Recognition
  • Global Reach
  • More Traffic To website
method applied through google ads
  • Used locally relevant, high intent keywords.
  • Used Google Ads to reach international audience.
  • Used youtubers to generate Brand Awareness
result obtained through google ads
  • Increase in Monthy leads 
  • Dealing with over 160 Countries
  • Achieved Three Times Order During COVID 19

Brief History


Started in 2018 in Hyderabad, Telengana.


Being Farmer's Friend, Employing rural elderly women and Keeping customers happy and satisfied.


Dealing with over 900 orders per month, spanning over 160 countries

Google Ads is like a popular tool for businesses, but most just use it for simple ads. Instead, think of it like a treasure chest full of possibilities! You can track what people search for and understand what they like. Using that info, you can create super specific ads that people actually want to see, leading to more orders and success! Just like Sitara Foods, who grew tons thanks to smart Google Ads! So, don’t just use it normally, unlock its true power and see your business Grow.

Humble Beginnings

Driven by tradition and family recipes, sisters Aparna and Shravya, with the support of their husbands, launched their homemade pickle business in Hyderabad. Determined, they spent weeks in their kitchen, experimenting with recipes until they were confident enough to share them with their neighbours for feedback. The pickles were an instant hit, and soon, Sitara Foods was born in 2018.

Sitara foods Google Ads Story

More To Go

Thanks to their unique recipes, Sitara Foods started to get more orders. Their husbands provided crucial support, personally handling door-to-door deliveries, and the business began to flourish. However, the overwhelming response they realise the vast potential of their product. They recognized that traditional word-of-mouth communication would be insufficient to reach the wider audience.

Google Ads helped us in taking the first step. It made sure that our customers could reach us. We now owe 80% of our business to Google Ads.
Sreekanth Bolla, Founder, Sitara Foods

The Right Blend

Sitara Foods started on a strategic digital venture by placing their ads on Google Ads. Rejecting the notion of a passive publicity campaign, they actively utilised the platform’s capabilities to meticulously track campaign progress and decode audience preferences.

With Google Analytics, Sitara Foods collected valuable insights into audience behaviour. They discovered a strong response to terms like “homemade pickles,” “locally sourced pickles,” and “chicken pickles” and “traditional pickles” . Capitalising on this newfound knowledge, they experimentally included these keywords into their campaigns, tailoring them to resonate with their ideal customers.

This made them achieve more orders.

Right Place At The Right Time

Sitara Foods went digital! They knew their recipes deserved to be seen, so they placed ads on websites all about food, like delicious recipe pages. They figured NRI’s would love their pickles, and they were right! Placing their ads in the right spots helped them reach these potential customers and even land them in Indian grocery stores worldwide!

But they didn’t stop there. Knowing videos are hot, they started showing ads on YouTube to reach even more people. They understood that showing their product at the right time and place is key to a successful ad campaign, and it definitely paid off for them!

Sitara foods growth via google ads

It’s All Possible

Even when COVID-19 hit, Sitara Foods’ business didn’t get affected much. Deliveries were tricky, orders dropped, but they had a secret weapon: smartly placed Google Ads. These weren’t just any ads, they were like perfectly chosen spices, attracting the right customers.

Here’s why it worked:

  •  Loyal Customer Base: Google Ads had helped them build a base of people who loved their pickles, ready to order again when things got better.                                       
  •  Understanding the Market: Using Google Trends, they saw a shift towards healthy eating during COVID. Like a good chef adapting their recipe, they knew what to do!
  •  New & Healthy Twists: They created new recipe variations with a healthy twist, exactly what people were searching for.     
  • Targeting the Right People: With the right keywords and placements, their ads reached health-conscious people who carved their pickles.                

Even in a tough market, they found a niche! It wasn’t rocket science, it was using data to understand their customers and adapt.  So with Right blend of Technology, It’s All Possible.

Inspiring Story 

Sitara Foods has emerged as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, achieving remarkable success in a relatively short period. From their humble beginnings, driven by a vision of using local ingredients and empowering elderly women, they have garnered worldwide recognition.

Growth Achieved from Passion and Innovation

Their journey began with a mere four employees, fueled by a passion for tradition and a commitment to innovation. In just eighteen months, they witnessed an exponential growth trajectory, expanding their team to fifty dedicated individuals and fulfilling a staggering 900 orders per month. This impressive climb showcases the potent combination of passion, meticulous planning, and strategic execution.

Recognition as a Testament to Excellence

Their exceptional efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Sitara Foods has been recognised by Google as a “Small Business Hero,” highlighting their dedication to community and entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore, their innovative approach and delicious offerings have earned them the distinguished title of “Best Food Startup” at the Women Entrepreneurship 2022 event. These accolades serve as a powerful testament to their commitment to excellence and impact.

Embracing Technology for Enhanced Efficiency

Recognizing the importance of efficiency in propelling further growth, Sitara Foods has embraced cutting-edge technology. They currently possess a fully automated 4-line MAP packing line, setting them apart as a company that seamlessly blends tradition with modern advancements. This forward-thinking approach ensures consistent quality and expeditious order fulfilment, contributing significantly to their continued success.

A Recipe for Inspiration for Aspirant Entrepreneurs

Sitara Foods’ story stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs across industries. It serves as a powerful reminder that the potent combination of passion, innovation, strategic planning, and embracing technology can pave the way for remarkable success. As they continue their upward trajectory, Sitara Foods leaves a sense of possibility, encouraging others to embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys and create their own unique stories of success.

Use The Resources

Founder Sreekanth Bolla attributes a significant portion of their success (80% of their customer base!) to strategic use of Google Ads. This exemplifies their commitment to both their initial vision and embracing new technologies for growth. Without these elements, they might have remained just another local pickle manufacturer.

We have all the resources, all we need is a strategic approach. ” The story of Sitara Foods powerfully proves this message.