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From Family Business to National Brand: The Inspiring Journey of Saraf Furniture

Aim for choosing google ads
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition
  • Generate more leads, online sales and conversion
  • Generate more traffic to the website.
method applied through google ads
  • Placed Google Ads 
  • Timely updation in the Ad Creatives
  • Optimized contents in the website to project the Quality of the Wood.
result obtained through google ads
  • Increase in Monthly leads to 3500 in 2019.
  • 2.5 times revenue surge in 2019.
  • ROI generated through Google Ads surged 80x in 2020.

Brief History




Prioritise Sustainbaility and employee retention


More than 1500 Employees employed as a result of the Growth. Saraf opened their Outlets in Major Cities as a part of their expansion.

Saraf Furniture, a leading Indian furniture brand,  achieved their marketplace through a combination of factors, including vision, perseverance, and early adoption of online marketing strategies like Google Ads. Their journey from a family business to a national brand is an inspiring example of entrepreneurial success.

Let’s have a look at their incredible journey.

The Starting Point

After completing his graduation from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi, Raghunandan Saraf returned to his hometown in Sardarshahar, Rajasthan.

Observing the potential within his family’s long-standing furniture business, he embarked on a journey to revamp it. 

Despite their four-decade presence in the furniture industry and exports to foreign countries, Saraf recognized the limited scope within the domestic market.

With a modest initial investment of Rs 50,000, he founded Saraf Furniture in 2009, laying the groundwork for its future growth and success.


The Initial Stage

While the online furniture market in India was still at the budding stage, it wasn’t entirely free of competition.

Established brands and regional players already existed.

However, Saraf Furniture’s early foray into the online space with the launch of their e-commerce platform,, in 2009, allowed them to capitalize on a growing trend and potentially gain an edge over competitors who were slower to adapt.

Although not the absolute first movers, Saraf Furniture’s early adoption of e-commerce alongside strategic marketing efforts, including TV ads, helped them establish a foothold in the market.

Their focus on high-quality, affordable Sheesham wood furniture likely played a significant role in their initial success.

The Game Change

However, the landscape gradually evolved, and the entry of major players like Amazon and Flipkart into the online furniture market presented new challenges.

Saraf Furniture needed to adapt and refine their strategies to maintain their position in the face of heightened competition.

The Right Way

Despite facing competition, the owners of Saraf Furniture remained confident in the quality of their products.

Their main challenge lay in educating the public about their product and its unique selling proposition (USP).

They tackled this by utilizing Google Ads, ensuring proper targeting and strategic keyword placement to effectively reach their intended audience.

This approach paid off significantly – in the financial year 2015, they achieved a turnover of 30 crores, which skyrocketed to 90 crores in 2019.

Raghunandan Saraf attributes this remarkable increase in sales directly to the impact of Google Ads, as it provided the platform and audience they needed to showcase their products effectively. It generated more leads and conversion.

With Google Ads, we got 10x more leads and double the conversion rate in comparison to traditional marketing methods.”
Raghunandan Saraf, CEO, Saraf Furniture

The Correct Way


With Google Ads Saraf Furniture prioritise content optimization to ensure their website ranks well in search results and offers valuable information to potential customers.

This involves incorporating relevant keywords, crafting high-quality content that highlights their products and brand story, and optimising the user experience for seamless navigation and conversion.

By combining targeted ads with strategic content optimization, Saraf Furniture effectively expands their reach, educates potential customers, and boosts conversions.

They also utilise remarketing to keep their brand top-of-mind with website visitors and constantly refine their strategies by tracking campaign performance through Google Ads metrics.

This comprehensive approach ensures Saraf Furniture maximises their marketing efforts and maintains a competitive edge in the market.

Getting into New Horizons

Using Google Ads as a key component of their marketing strategy, Saraf Furniture successfully expanded its reach by entering the B2B market, supplying furniture to hotels and corporate businesses.

This strategic move, supported by their commitment to building strong relationships, offering competitive solutions, and potentially utilising various marketing channels, has positioned them as a reliable supplier in the B2B sector.

Overcoming the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Saraf Furniture likely experienced a surge in online sales, potentially due to a combination of factors including changing consumer behaviour and their strategic marketing efforts.

Utilising Google Ads alongside other marketing channels might have helped them reach a wider audience and adapt to evolving customer needs.

For instance, offering study tables, chairs, mattresses, and rugs catered to the increased demand for home office and learning environments.

Clear Vision

Saraf Furniture balances sustainability through tree planting, minimal emissions, and efficient resource use, while building customer trust and engaging in community development.

To meet surging demand, they’re doubling production capacity with a new factory, expanding their offline presence in major cities, creating over 1000 jobs, and diversifying their product offerings.

Ultimately, they aim to become a legacy brand transforming the traditional furniture industry in small-town India, confident their current efforts position them for continued success.

Take Away

The story of Saraf Furniture highlights the potential of strategic digital implementation, with Google Ads playing a significant role in their success.

Their effective use of the platform likely supported their vision and contributed to achieving their desired market position. Let’s take inspiration from this journey and embark to work upon our dreams.