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Beyond the Suitcase: Away Luggage's Journey to Success with Google Ads

Aim for choosing google ads
  • Establish a strong brand.
  • Communicate brand messages.
  • Maximise reach among potential customers.
method applied through google ads
  • Utilise Google Shopping Ads with relevant keywords like "luggage" and "carry-on."
  • Used Google Display Ads to reach users browsing non-search websites
  • Collaborate with celebrities for wider reach and introduce new collections.
result obtained through google ads
  • Achieved $12 million in sales within the second year of operation.
  • Raised $181 million in funding and valued at $1.4 billion.
  • Became a top player in the luggage industry.

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Target young, frequent travellers who value design and convenience.


Turned profitable by 2017 and experienced exponential growth.

The Beginning

Google Ads has become an essential ingredient for success, enabling many brands to build their own place in the market. Vision and the correct use of technology are common threads among these success stories. This case study looks  into how Away Luggage a direct-to-consumer brand strategically utilised Google Ads to not only reach its target audience but also build its unique brand identity.

Away Luggage

The planned Launch

Away luggage, driven by a desire to innovate with technology, aimed to introduce suitcases featuring built-in power banks and USB ports. In 2015, when their product wasn’t yet ready for launch, the founders Steph Korey and Jen Rubio took a creative approach by releasing a collection of short stories authored by 40 influential figures across various fields. The book was named The Places We Return To.  This strategic move helped establish a strong travel lifestyle brand presence even before the product’s official release.

The Perfect Vision

Unlike traditional luggage brands focused on functionality, Away luggage emphasises aesthetics and the “travel experience.” Their sleek, lightweight suitcases cater to specific clients – young, frequent travellers who value design and convenience. This niche approach is crucial in the competitive luggage landscape.


Using Google Ads for Targeted Reach

Away Luggage primarily employs Google Shopping Ads to showcase its products directly to potential customers searching for relevant keywords like “luggage,” “carry-on,” or specific brand names. This targeted approach ensures their ads appear when users are actively looking for luggage, maximising their reach among the right audience.

Enhancing Product Visibility

Utilising Google Ads, Away luggage strategically collaborated with celebrities such as Karlie Kloss, Rashida Jones, and Dwayne Wade to expand their reach and introduce new collections. The collaboration with Dwayne Wade resulted in a special Away carry-on designed to carry six bottles of wine, showcasing their innovative approach to product development. This strategic plan exemplifies their dedication to building their brand and reaching a wider audience.

Crafting a Compelling Brand Message

Beyond just showcasing products, Away luggage uses Google Ads to effectively communicate its brand message. Their ads often feature aesthetically pleasing visuals paired with concise yet impactful messaging that resonates with their target audience. They focus on the emotional aspects of travel and the “lifestyle” associated with their products, differentiating themselves from competitors solely emphasising functionality.

Measuring Success

In their second year of operations in 2016, the company achieved $12 million in sales. By 2017, they turned profitable and experienced exponential growth, reaching $150 million in sales by 2018, with an impressive 500,000 suitcases sold. The majority of their revenue stems from online sales, although they have also ventured into opening physical stores to bolster their brand presence.

Having raised $181 million to date, with a valuation of $1.4 billion, their last funding round in May 2019 secured $100 million. They plan to allocate these funds towards expanding internationally, opening additional physical stores, and diversifying their product portfolio.

Further Expansion

Today, they stand as top players in their field, having carved out a niche through innovative strategies such as leveraging non-branded keywords. Surpassing established competitors in a relatively short period is indeed an extraordinary achievement, solidifying their position as industry leaders.

Strategy in a nutshell

A. Identifying audience: Understanding your target audience and defining your unique value proposition is crucial for creating an effective Google Ads strategy.

B. Targeted reach: Utilise Google Ads features like Shopping Ads and Display Ads to reach users actively searching for relevant products and those within your target demographic.

C. Compelling message: Go beyond simply showcasing products and use your ads to communicate your brand message and values.

D. Data-driven optimization: Regularly monitor and analyse key metrics to track the performance of your campaigns and make data-driven adjustments for continuous improvement.

Key Take away

By understanding Away luggage’s strategic use of Google Ads and how it aligns with their overall brand strategy, this case study provides valuable insights for businesses looking to create their own place in a competitive market.