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Targeted Growth : How Jumpstart Preschool Achieve Their Vision With Google Ads

Aim for choosing google ads
  • Brand Awareness 
  • Website Traffic
  • Franchise Expansion
  • Lead Conversion
method applied through google ads
  • Used Google Ads to reach the target audience
  • Used low-competing keywords
  • Used negative keywords to get excluded from irrelevant SERPs.
result obtained through google ads
  • Increased lead conversion and enrollment
  • Attained Nearly 1200 Enrolments

Brief History


2013, Pune, Maharashtra


To use practical and innovative teaching methods to help every child take on the real world


Attained 80% Enrolments on all their fanchisees.

We have earlier discussed businesses grown with the proper utilisation of google Ads.

Here’s the inspiring story of Jumpstart Preschool.

Inspired by a vision to transform early childhood education, Jumpstart aimed to empower young minds with practical lessons that prepare them for the real world.

Their concept is  “prepare children for life, not just exams.”

This emphasis on practical skills and real-world readiness sets Jumpstart apart and positions them as a leader in innovative early learning.

Humble Beginnings

Family members Aditya, Sneha, and Santosh – started  Jumpstart Preschool in 2013.

This innovative preschool strikes a unique balance: nurturing the individuality and uniqueness of each child while simultaneously preparing them for the real world. 

Aditya’s mother, Mrs. Santosh, plays a crucial role in establishing a quality-driven ecosystem at Jumpstart.  She ensures that both students receive top-notch care and caregivers are well-trained.

Techbound case study jumpstart preschool

Utilising The Perfect Tool

Traditional methods gave them limited results.Utilising traditional promotional methods, Jumpstart Preschool only managed to generate a maximum of 10 to 20 leads.

This was not the reach they needed for such a unique concept.

They were not getting close to their ideal audience, which is parents actively seeking a superior preschool experience for their children.

Recognizing the need for a broader reach, Jumpstart made a strategic investment in Google Ads in 2018.

This was a turning point which took them to the next level.

Targeting The Right Way

Recognizing the challenges of high-competition keywords, Jumpstart Preschool strategically targeted specific low-competition keywords.

These included phrases like “best preschool in Deccan area” and “mother toddler class.” 

Highlighting their Niche.

 This approach allowed them to showcase their unique offerings while attracting their target audience.

Targeting low-competition keywords yielded a double benefit. 

Firstly, it increased their chances of achieving organic traffic and reaching their ideal parents. 

Secondly, these keywords often attract users with more focused search intent, meaning they were more likely to convert into enrolled students.

The Additional Step

Taking their targeting strategy a step further, Jumpstart Preschool implemented negative keywords to filter out irrelevant searches. 

For example, they excluded themselves from results for queries like “dog care.” 

Precision leads to success:  This strategic move resulted in a significant improvement, driving a 100% lead conversion and a high ROI. 

By eliminating irrelevant searches, Jumpstart ensured they were reaching parents genuinely interested in their preschool, leading to a much higher success rate.

The Incredible Growth

Their strategic investment in Google Ads in 2018 marked a dramatic shift.

Daily leads increased from a mere 10-20 to a whooping 60-70, signifying a significant increase in qualified parents seeking their unique preschool experience.

This surge in leads translated into phenomenal enrollment growth. 

Across all their franchises, annual enrollments jumped from a modest 18 to a remarkable 500.

Even today, Jumpstart holds an impressive 80% enrollment rate across its franchises, a testament to the enduring success of their Google Ads strategy.

From 18 enrolments in one year using traditional methods to 500 using Google Ads, our growth chart spiked immensely.
Sneha and Aditya Tapadia, Founders, Jumpstart Preschool

The Biggest Challenge

For all businesses the period of covid and lockdown was a real challenge. From expansion to mere survival many players lose the battle due to the pandemic.

But smart players see opportunity in the severe conditions.

We have already mentioned strategic moves of businesses that converted the challenge to the biggest leap.

Jumpstart Preschool is one among them.

The Strategy

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Jumpstart Preschool responded quickly by shifting to online classes.

This decisive action ensured educational continuity during a challenging time.

Jumpstart facilitated a seamless shift from in-person classes to virtual classes with continued support from their dedicated teachers.

The pandemic, while disruptive, also served as an opportunity for innovation.Jumpstart has embraced new approaches to keep their educational offerings engaging.

This innovative step manifested itself in the launch of a unique 14-day online summer camp.

The camp offered children valuable skills like table etiquette and fireless recipe preparation.

Jumpstart preschool strategically promoted this e-summer camp using Google Ads, and their efforts paid off handsomely.

The camp attracted nearly 1200 enrolments from across the country, showcasing the power of their digital marketing strategy.

A Perfect Blend: Vision, Tools, and Strategy

This case study of Jumpstart Preschool exemplifies the power of a noble vision, coupled with effective tools and strategies. 

By leveraging Google Ads, Jumpstart transformed their vision of transforming early childhood education into a thriving reality.

Targeting Through Display Ads

Jumpstart strategically utilized display ads to showcase the vibrant student life at their preschools.  These visuals effectively captivated the attention of their target audience – parents seeking a nurturing and engaging environment for their children.

Connecting with Video Content

Building upon the initial engagement, Jumpstart employed compelling video content to connect with interested parents.

These videos likely offered a deeper glimpse into Jumpstart’s unique approach, curriculum, and the passionate educators guiding young minds.

Beyond Expectations

The synergy between a well-defined vision and a strategic Google Ads campaign took Jumpstart Preschool to a level they never anticipated. 

Their enrollment numbers increased, their reach expanded nationwide, and they established themselves as a prominent player in innovative early childhood education.

A Model for Success 

Jumpstart’s story serves as a valuable model for other organisations seeking to utilise technology to achieve their goals. 

It emphasises the importance of a clear vision, a targeted approach, and the power of effective online marketing tools like Google Ads.By embracing these elements, any organisation can embark on a similar journey of success.