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Beyond Visibility: How "" Used Google Ads to Attract More Renters

Aim for choosing google ads
  • Increased Online Visibility
  • Increased Website Traffic
method applied through google ads
  • Used Google Ads particularly Dynamic Search Ads Campaign
result obtained through google ads
  • Surge in Website Traffic
  • Reached Wider range of Audience beyond targeted group.
  • Reduction in CPC and CPA.

Brief History


1987 in Norfolk, Virgina


To be a complete resource for renters in every part of their journey.


Over three decades, remains a leading company in the online rental space, but have also expanded their reach through a network of online portals catering to diverse rental needs.

Just like other businesses before them,, a leading online rental listing platform, recognized the potential of Google Ads to boost up their growth.

From local food products to international brands, a variety of businesses have taken the leap with Google Ads.

Their primary goal was to bridge the gap between property management companies and potential renters. 

By strategically utilising Google Ads’ diverse formats, could target users actively searching for apartments in their desired locations. 

This data-driven approach transformed their online presence, driving a surge in website traffic. 

As a result, became a powerful connection point, efficiently linking renters with their perfect new homes and property managers with qualified tenants. Google Ads



The surge in competition within the online rental market affected’s online visibility. 

To sustain the main aim of standing out and being noticed, they needed to expand their online presence. 

Their primary goal was to channel more traffic towards

Like every smart player, they used Google ads. 

Renowned for their strategic thinking, turned to a specific feature within Google Ads: Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). 

Unlike traditional keyword-based campaigns, DSA allows for dynamic ad generation that seamlessly integrates with’s existing website content.

 This ensures their ads appear in relevant user searches, placing them right in the path of potential renters searching for their perfect new home.

The Results

Proper application of Google Ads gave remarkable results for They are:


Wider Audience & Increased Traffic

By using DSA, reached a wider audience.

Their ads reached a broader audience not just within their core niche of rental listings, but also those exploring related searches. 

This comprehensive approach significantly increased website traffic, attracting a larger pool of potential renters actively searching for new homes.

The Powerful Tactics

The key to their success depends not just in choosing DSA, but also in crafting their website content.

By ensuring their content was well-structured and aligned with Google’s crawling mechanisms, provided the foundation for DSA to generate highly relevant and targeted ads. 

Surpassing Traditional Ads

Compared to traditional ad campaigns,’s DSA strategy proved to be a game-changer. Click-through rates soared by 26%, indicating a significant rise in user engagement with their ads. 

The spike in website traffic and engagement also had add-on benefits. 

The cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) witnessed a remarkable decrease of 30% and 37%, respectively. 

This resulted in a more cost-effective way to acquire new renters for property management companies listed on’s Perfect Approach

While Google Ads offers a diverse range of campaigns for, the magic resided in choosing the right tool for the job.  

Options like video campaigns, shopping ads, and mobile app promotions were all on the table. 

 However, by properly analysing their needs, product type (rental listings), and target customer base (potential renters), recognized Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) as the perfect fit.  

Considering their objective of driving website traffic and the user intent behind rental searches, DSA proved to be the most strategically sound decision.

Choose The Smart Way, a well-established player in the online rental market since 1987, boasts a robust multi-channel presence. 

Despite their strong online visibility, they recognized the ever-evolving digital landscape and the need to stay ahead. 

 This is where Google Ads came into play.

  By meticulously selecting the Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaign, they achieved impressive results.

 DSA not only broadened their audience reach but also yielded a significant 22% contribution to leads generated through Google Ads.’s strategic utilization of Google Ads serves as a powerful case study, demonstrating that success goes beyond simply having resources; it’s about applying the right tools with a clear understanding of campaign applicability.