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10 Tips to Identify Digital Marketing Training Scams

For the last 5 years, Digital Marketing Industry has been on an upward track, primarily due to the Covid Pandemic and the whole Work From Home phase. Digital Marketing Training and Institutes are booming daily, with many offers and courses involved. As Digital Marketing Training is increasing, there’s also an alarming increase in Digital Marketing Training Scams.

The main reason for scamming in the Digital Marketing Field, is these trainings are done online. So, as you are not having a person-to-person conversation, you have a huge chance of getting scammed.

There are a lot of benefits to studying a Digital Marketing Course. Make sure you are in place to avail all the benefits.

There are certain things to monitor before joining a Digital Marketing Training. I’ve tried to include most of them in this Blog!

Here are 10 tips to note before joining a Digital Marketing Course to Avoid Training Scammers

Have A Thorough Check Online About The Digital Marketing Training And Agency

The Definition of Digital Marketing itself is to improve the online presence! So, what logic does it have when a Digital Marketing Agency itself has a terrible online presence?

Have a thorough check through the Google listing on the top. Look carefully at the rating, and the reviews published by the users and try to read them all to have an exact idea of the Digital Marketing Agency and their Training. See where their website is lists on the Search Engine Result Page( The result pages coming after the search). If the website has appeared on the first page itself, proceed.

Then go to their website, and see how updated the website is. Look at the blog section and have a peek at the last date they updated the blog! Because blogs are the pages most websites update often. Have a look through the testimonials, and if possible try to contact the people in the testimonial and enquire about the classes.

Don’t Pay The Tuition Fees Beforehand

Most of the Digital Marketing Training today is online! As the classes are online, the payments are also online. You are paying a bulk amount of money to someone who you spoke to on the phone or message 2 or 3 days back! Always pay the tuition fees only after a direct interaction with the course providers. Try to visit their institute or at least have direct contact with the course-takers.

Make sure not to pay the total amount at the beginning. Pay it in two installments. One when the course starts and the other when the project/internship starts.

Make Sure The Digital Marketing Institutes Have Certifications

Certifications are the key thing for verifying whether Digital Marketing Training is legit or a scam. Ask the Institute whether they certify. Especially when it comes to Digital Marketing, it includes Google Certification, Facebook Certification, Hubspot Certification, etc. 

In some certifications, there are QR codes present, try to scan the QR code to verify the certifications are licit.

Enquire about the certifications, they give you after completing the course. Although Digital Marketing doesn’t rely upon certificates, adding some important certificates like Google, Facebook and Hubspot are always good for your future endeavors.

Nowadays many of them ask for Government Certifications and Diploma Certifications before joining Digital Marketing Training.

Digital Marketing is always based on skills you have. It’s not like a common Degree Certification studying 3/4/5 years and then you’re awarded a certificate. It’s a completely different world. If you have got the skills you’re in, if you don’t you’re out.

Don’t Fall For Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

Nothing is free in this world. If you’re offered anything for free, remember there is always a catch. If someone’s offering you free Digital Marketing Training, remember they have something to do with you. Try to avoid free scams.

Try To Get Included In Live Digital Marketing Training

Nowadays there are a lot of recorded sessions of Digital Marketing Training. Those will be comparatively low in cost to the live training sessions. Recorded sessions are good if they are presented in a well-understood manner, but live training sessions are better. 

Interacting with a tutor face-to-face gives you more space to open up your creativity.

Avoid Mediocre classes

Try to study Digital Marketing in the best classes possible. The common way to identify Mediocre classes is, by asking to arrange a demo class. After attending a 4-5 day demo class you would get to know how good their training is. If the training is below-par, never fall for the catch. Even if you started studying at a sub-standard training institute. Try to get out and find a better one to save your time and money.

Enquire About The Placement Support Before Taking A Digital Marketing Course

Enquire about the placement support before you join a Digital Marketing Training. Although Digital Marketing is a field where there’s a vast amount of career opportunities if you have the skill. Having placement support is an added bonus, as you can be directly placed after the course is finished

Prefer Offline Over Online

After the Covid-Pandemic struck, the world itself turned Online. Online is great, but offline has its own advantages. As Digital Marketing Courses are practical classes, offline learning would be great compared to Online learning.

Ask The Digital Marketing Curriculum Before Starting A Digital Marketing Training

Ask for the Digital Marketing Syllabus before starting the Digital Marketing Course, and download a proper Digital Marketing Syllabus online and cross-check it. Look whether they cover all the topics in the provided Digital Marketing Syllabus.

If The Digital Marketing Training is Offline, Take A Look At The Amenities

If you select Offline Digital Marketing Training, look at the amenities and the facilities. If you are not owning a Laptop, ask them if they provide a Laptop for the course. A good Digital Marketing Institute would give you a Laptop and all the additional devices until the course end.


Mentioned above are some helpful points when selecting a good Digital Marketing Training. Always remember it’s your hard-earned money and try to spend it wisely. Dont fall for Scams and even if you try to register a legal complaint. Choose a place where you can grow and explore more. Techbound Training Institute opens your creativity and helps you to conquer greater heights.