Did you hear this. Elon Musk is all set to take on the job search market. Tech giant and Tesla founder Elon Musk has introduced a new job recruitment feature on X (formerly Twitter) which is X Hiring Beta. While unveiling it, the company wrote, “Unlock early access to the X Hiring Beta — exclusively for Verified Organizations. Feature your most critical roles and organically reach millions of relevant candidates. Apply for the Beta today.” 

The new feature is expected to challenge job search websites like LinkedIn, according to a report published by CNBC. Along with the post, there was a link that directed the users to a sign-up page. “Sign up for early access to X Hiring, currently available for Verified Organizations. If eligible, we’ll enable the Hiring features on your account,” it said. 

X Hiring Beta

X Hiring Beta. Impact on different stakeholders

Job Seekers

If you are a professional or a job seeker, you are at the winning side.

  • Because your horizons for career growth will surely expand. With job roles featured on X Hiring Beta, it will help you to leap ahead in career.
  • X Hiring Beta will be just another job searching platform like Glassdoor and LinkedIn. So now you can apply for various positions on all of these platforms to increase your chances of being visible by the employers and get hired. 
  • This feature is accessible exclusively to premium subscription holder, Thereby you can dodge job scams in the job seeker market.


Currently, the Hiring feature is available only for verified organizations. The company charges a monthly fee of $1,000 (around ₹82,300) for the job-hiring feature on its platform, CNBC report said. 

  • The feature is available to any organization by doing verification. Verified companies will have the privilege of showcasing up to five job positions on their profiles. This feature seeks to streamline the recruitment process and provide an additional space for companies to connect with potential talent.
  • Organizations that cooperate with the policies of X such as verification, authenticity, etc. will have the opportunity to choose talent from a larger pool. The move will help to prevent job scams and recruitment frauds which is looming in the job market.
  • X suggests to allow companies to import job data using supported Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)/  through an XML feed. It will streamline the recruitment process and helps companies to target the right talents faster.


Actually, nobody saw this coming. It was a surprise slap on the face on job recruitment sites like LinkedIn, Naukri, Indeed etc.

  • However, it may not turn out to be an immediate challenge to them because the current offerings cannot match the range of features features provided by LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn has its upper hand. It is a great tool for anyone attempting to build their business through networking. The platform is a great place to research people that you are going to be meeting with and/ want to meet. It is unsure that if X Hiring Beta will have these features.


  • X Hiring Beta is a part of X’s endeavor to expand beyond micro-blogging social media platform and transform it into a more comprehensive platform. The move indicates its intentions to widen its scope in the tech industry. Observers called it as a crucial step towards making X an ‘everything app’. 
  •  The initiative is good for twitter as the platform is already facing backlashes since Elon took charge. Ever since X announced X Hiring Beta and its entry to the arena of professional networking. X is getting a lot of requests for verification to get this completely free feature.

  • X has recently acquired Laskie. Integrating Laskie expertise with X could play a crucial role in launching the new Hiring feature.

Take Away

X has witnessed a slew of modifications since Elon Musk’s takeover. Acquisition of Twitter and the change in the name and logo have led to great discussions in the social media.  It is expected that X will introduce many more features.  The Hiring feature is currently in its testing phase and provides verified organizations with the opportunity to post job listings on their X profiles.  But LinkedIn is here to stay and X Hiring Beta cannot replace it at least in the short term. It is probable that X Hiring Beta will be a new kid in town and will be one among the job search platforms which coexist with LinkedIn and Indeed.

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