Why use social media for business growth?  There are a good deal of social media platforms out there which will help you to grow business by connecting with different people, increase awareness, increase sales and so on . It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small shop or a company. There are enough ways to grow your business through online platforms.  There are different kinds of platforms for your business  growth. It will be difficult for one to search for it without any knowledge. No worries, this article will help you to know about the best social media plan and awareness forms and the benefits of it.

Social Media for Business Growth

  1. To increase sales
  2. To generate leads
  3. To increase traffic website
  4. To increase brand awareness

1. To Increase sales

Post consistently

Social media is a competitive world , everyone is trying to fit in that. So it is one’s responsibility to find a place in this chaos. Posting consistently not only makes your brand aware but also helps in getting you more visibility. If people are seeing your post it is likely to remember you more than your other competitors.

Consistency is the key, if one needs to grow their business they have to be consistent in what they are doing, if not success is impossible. One needs to recognize your brand or service, being consistent makes your business grow. To be consistent, schedule time to make posts, create some content and so on. When coming to the post and content it should be relevant and authentic and it should be related to their lives.

Engage first

Social media can also be a source of lead generation to take to other sales and marketing. For example if you are simply scrolling through others posts without giving any likes or comments, it means you are a passive user so once you post something the same will be the result. So unless you are not an active user you are  also not going to get any outcome. An active user Is someone that is engaging with other people. This is a huge factor when you are creating and posting about your business.

Work with social media influencers

Social media influencers not only share or give likes to your product but it is a single person introducing your product to thousands of other people.This means showing or promoting your brands or products is very likely to drive sales.

 If you want to make more sales through social media then use the power of it. Work with influencers who will give honest reviews about your product.the opportunities are endless but if you want to increase sales one way to do so is to have your influencers promote free product or  discount

Social media advertising

Social media platforms have millions of users. Even when you have found the perfect social media platform to engage your target  audience , your marketing effects may not be effective if none of them have heard of you before. You can make use of social media advertisements to take notice of your brands. If you look at the social media platforms it has an option for either to create ads or promote content. This will increase visibility of the brand among targeted audiences. This will further improve chances of driving sales.

2 To generate leads

Optimize your profile

In order to collect leads organica;ly make sure everything is in place for customers to contact you, shop, sign up and more. Provide contact information to get more leads and also one thing to keep in mind whether you are able to support it. When you are creating a page in social media platforms don’t forget to add your link. If you can add a call to action so people know why they should click

Share testimonials as proof

Customer stories and testimonials can give you the social you need to acquire new leads. Show how your clients have benefitted from your product and services to demonstrate your brand value. May be two or three people are likely to buy something after seeing the testimonial

Create clickable content

Remember that everyone is running to get attention in social media. So if you want to generate leads there should be worthy content where people have a place to click. Make sure each post has a clear link and tempting call to action.

3 Increase website traffic

Partnership with other content creators

One way to increase website traffic is to work on other brands’ publications and influencers. Partnership is a great way to introduce more people to your brand and reach new audiences. By partnering with other content creators, you will find that they will promote the content, and you will promote theirs as well.

Contest giveaways or promotion

Reach out to other websites that offer something that is valuable to their audiences and they will spread the word. When they do, you will get extra traffic. Giveaways have been so effective  because people love it and they start to spread it, you get a ton of traffic and you get a ton of followers, a ton of engagement and the audience keeps coming back to you. When you get people on giveaways make sure to collect their emails so that when you post a blog  or new features you can email them to get them back to your site.

Paid ads

Paid ads usually refers to the online methods that a company uses to get more attention from customers by paying for ads.Have you ever thought about the benefits of paid ads for business? In short, it helps for business growth. Paid ads are the quickest way to get potential customers to discover your service or brand. Paid ads give you a boost for your business, in the beginning,  those visitors may not be converted into customers as you may not have the time to run the optimal campaigns, but it will be a great thing to get a quick boost to traffic. Benefits of using paid ads for your business:

  • Organic reach on social media may take some time, but if you are a starter in your business, paid ads are the best way to get more traffic, sales, reach and so on.
  • With paid ads you can reach out to targeted audiences.
  • Paid ads helps to increases brand awareness
  • Paid ads are cost effective  

4 Increase brand awareness

Brand awareness is important for business  growth. For  this you need to introduce your product to the realm of social media. In order to increase sales, create awareness about your product. It should be based on what kind of business you are starting, if it’s art based, spend time to create more awareness in such kinds of platforms, for example Pinterest . If you are selling a product or offering a service or whatever it is, you need social media to increase your brand awareness. It is also cost effective and can grow leads.

List of Social Media Platforms for Business Growth

On Facebook

Facebook is a social network on the internet which was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and it has become the largest social media platform in the world. It is also a  powerful tool for business growth. Currently there are 2 billion facebook users so everyone is competing to get attention. Here is a list of steps you can take to grow your business through facebook.

-Engage your audience

Social media can also be a source of lead generation to take to other sales and marketing. For example if you are simply scrolling through others posts without giving any likes or comments, it means you are a passive user so once you post something the same will be the result. So unless you are not an active user you are  also not going to get any outcome. An active user Is someone that is engaging with other people. This is a huge factor when you are creating and posting about your business

Engagement is a really big way to increase your brand awareness. Something as simple as thanking people who recommend your brand or just responding to a casual mention and engaging in a friendly way makes yours much more memorable than others.

Boost your content

If you want to increase your facebook engagement you need to boost up your posts, for that you don’t have to spend a lot of money boosting posts . By increasing your engagement you are actually increasing your organic reach. So if you boost your post and if your audiences liked it , facebook is likely to show your other post with them again.

Create worthy content

Think of a situation if you are filling up your facebook page that has nothing to do with your audiences and everything connected with your business. When someone starts their business they tend to post more about how their business is going.but the mistake here is facebook prioritizes posts that have conversations and meaningful interactions with people. So you need to post content related to the interest and goals of your audiences if you want to engage them. You need to grab the attention of your audiences through eye-catching images , contents that are authentic and relevant

Engaging and be consistent

Facebook is a platform where you connect with different kinds of people. be consistent in what you post, make creative content and also engage with your audiences , connecting with customers is a better way to create brand awareness. Replying to their comments, providing answers to their queries, it will engage the audience

Post native content and keep people on facebook

Facebook’s business model is based on people spending as much time on their platforms as possible. You are not likely to increase your engagement by including links in every single post or promoting your youtube page . It is proven that native content performs best in facebook’s algorithm .Native content is content that is solely created for the purpose of the platform it is consumed on . so if you have video content you should directly upload into facebook and share it through their platform,doing this will get you more engagement .

On Instagram

Instagram is another platform that feels non-negotiable which has 1.21 billion users. Instagram is a highly visual platform which allows your customers to get to know you and your business better. Instagram is well suited when it comes to small business owners who don’t have time or budget for expensive marketing campaigns. There’s different types of business on instagram,but unfortunately they don’t know how to grow their audience or stand out on an instagram business.

Post great content

Instagram has a huge number of users, about 400 million, so you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. The  content that you create may not be perfect in design and all but it should fit your audience.


Hashtags are an important part of instagram. Hashtags help your account to stand out from thousands of other accounts 

Run contests

Hashtags are an important part of instagram. Hashtags help your account to stand out from thousands of other accounts 

Schedule your post

If you are running a business it may be hard to manage your instagram  account on a daily basis. So the best way is to schedule  to grow your instagram and you will get free time to focus on other aspects of business.

  • Add key words
  • Add hashtags
  • Add a branded cover image
  • Add a custom button

On Linkedin

With 740 million Linkedin is a social media platform where there are millions of job seekers and professionals, used to grow their networks and careers but you can use it to expand your business too.This social media tool exposes you and your business to millions of connections that you can use to build relationships with individuals and other companies to boost your brand. 

Complete your profile

A lot of people set up their profile , they may fill out half of it or may be completed 100 percent based on linedins terms but you need to make it compelling , add advanced applications, tell people who you are,who you help, how you help , share your story throughout your entire profile.

Connect with everyone

Don’t just connect with your personal connections that you already know but reach out to new people. Maybe connect with people related to your business, people in your local market. The more you connect the more your opportunities are going to expand and grow.

Optimize your page

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On Twitter

Twitter is a legit social media platform to market your business and perhaps is underrated  by many businesses .Twitter is a real-time social media platform , where you don’t need a bunch of videos or photos to stand out.With more than 300 million active users twitter is an excellent platform for business to reach and connect with the new audience. Tweets can be up to 280 characters which allows you the ability to craft a short, sharp,and concise message and because it is limited on characters it forces you to be creative with what you actually have to say. Here are some of the benefits of using twitter for your business.

Organic reach

No limit to followers 

Quality of information

On Youtube

Youtube is a platform where people watch, there are over 2 billion monthly logged users who collectively watch one billion hours of video per day. Youtube is where people discover things , and also the second largest search engine in the world. Youtube is a social media platform where there will be different kinds of people posting different kinds of information, so it will be hard to get any notice therefore content for business should be more than just entertaining. One thing to remember is to post consistently , dedicate time to post your videos. There is a procrastination factor but in order to grow your business you have to be consistent.

Many youtube channels do not have keywords that are related to their video. To generate traffic and grow your business, build your keyword that you want to promote.

Engage with your audience through comments : youtube is a social platform where it allows you to interact with other people, so once you upload a video and then letting it untouched is a waste of opportunity, maybe it will be an opportunity to make a sale. 

On Pinterest

Pinterest is a  platform  with 433 million active users,it is powerful when it comes to visibility,brand credibility and increasing your presence online and getting website traffic and conversions.unlike other social channels the best part of pinterest is very low-commitment.

Define your intention

Be clear about why you are on Pinterest , about your goals , who you are and who you want to attract. There are 450 million users on this platform, not everyone of these people may not be fit for your business, so find out your ideal customers. Create content for such customers that educates , inspire them.

Create a business account

Create an account that is different from your personal one.on your business account  you need to focus on your themes, niche relevant four businesses, this will help it to attract the right people .

Pinterest boards

The Pinterest board contains all your pins you save or pin to your account .You can create a pin and upload it to pinterest . boards are a way of organizing your profile.

On Reddit

Reddit is one the biggest websites in the world with approximately 1.7 billion users, who are known as redditors.. They have between one and two billion visits every month. The users of this platform share information related to news, travel, sports, etc.the content shared is based upon a downvote or up-vote, if it gets enough up-vote, it will be featured on the home page. If you compare it with any other social platforms , you may get less satisfied with the platform. 

Participate in the reddit community

By participating you will realize what they like and what they don’t, what content works and what doesn’t.

Join the subreddits

Subreddits are a section of reddit, reddit talks about everything , but there are subsections on marketing, fashion and so on.

Replicate the content

One thing to drive free traffic from reddit is to replicate the content . So if you see something that is doing well, create a better version of it. 

Even if you are a big company owner or if you are starting  from scratch , the above mentioned apps can be useful. It  helps to increase visibility, enhance relationships, increase awareness and reputation, for these it has now become  an important part in business growth . Social media provides the best opportunity for organizations to interact with customers and real one to one communication. If you haven’t started on online platforms you are missing out on a great opportunity to grow your business.