As technology advances, everything becomes advanced and even Real Estate Marketing. Real Estate has also become online and certain Digital Marketing Strategies promote Real Estate Properties.

As the population is booming, the living space is increasing and the demand is at its peak.

Everyone needs a portion of land to live on and to build their assets, Real Estate is the go-to place for these needs.

Basically from the beginning, the Real estate went at a single pace, advertisements were on newspapers, Televisions, and other printed media.

And then came online media. As smartphones started to reach people in every economy, there’s never been a better way to advertise.

As per reports in October 2021, only 30% of the revenue is spent by a user on online marketing, and the rest 70% is spent on offline marketing like print ads and televisions.

The results we get from Digital marketing are undoubtedly much more than Print-ads. Print ads reach a large audience, but we have no assurance that they will reach the targeted audience, whereas in online marketing we could target the audience according to our needs.

And moreover, it will only cost one-third or less than that to give an advertisement in online media rather than print ads. The commonly used Online Media to promote Real Estate businesses are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google.

Earlier, the main challenge faced by Online Media in Real Estate are duplications, unrealistic and inaccurate information, and dishonest promises. And then,RERA ( REAL ESTATE REGULATORY AUTHORITY) states that every individual or company marketing a Real Estate Project must have a mandatory RERA license from the state where the project is. So to register on Online Media, a RERA license requires, even a contractor marketing their own project must have a RERA license.

Nowadays, there are so many Local Listing sites like BlackPillar to list real estate properties.

Anyone with a RERA license can list a Real Estate Project on BlackPillar.

Tips for improving your Real Estate Performance using Digital Marketing

Improve your Email Marketing Strategy

Emails are the most important ways to connect to new leads and past clients. A recent report states the average open rate for emails in the real estate business in 2022 is 21.7% with a click-through rate of 3.6% and a click-to-open rate of 17.2%. However, clients will decide to open your email depending upon the contents provided.

A user-friendly website

Time is the most important factor in people’s life,  nowadays patience is decreasing at a good rate and most of the browsing is done through mobile phones. So to increase the traffic, provide a fast and user-friendly website compatible with windows and mobile phones. All the listings must update information regarding purchasing the home, and several move-to links like lawyers and movers. If possible add 24*7 customer support so that the customer can speak to you anytime they want.

Always keep updating your blogs

Blogs are a common way to increase SEO ratings. Keep on updating blogs about relevant information for purchasing a home. As buying a house is a big and careful process, customers always look for information online and the more information you give, the more they will be referring you. Always stay connected with the customers by replying to their questions. Always behave in a positive way while answering questions.

Use PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click Advertising)

PPC is one of the most useful ways of online marketing, especially in the Real Estate Category. The payment is only done when someone clicks on the ad. You could get more leads by using PPC, and it’s always cost-worthy because you only pay when a click is done.

Prepare a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Posting content on Facebook and Instagram once in a while is necessary but a unique social marketing strategy can give excellent results. Always update your listings, provide your team information, relevant case studies, and blog posts and try to include success stories. Use the above-mentioned to include some useful information. Always focus on the content, all types of audiences should digest it. Preparing a digital marketing strategy and posting it on all platforms is time-consuming and difficult but if a strategy is perfect, it would raise the real estate profile. Although tools like Buffer are there to ease the use of social media and content published in it.

Concentrate on SEO

SEO(SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) is one of the most important and time-consuming processes in Digital Marketing. If SEO is correct, your website would be present at the top of the Search Engine Result Page leading to a large amount of traffic to the website.

Keywords are the building blocks of SEO, make sure to include high-ranking keywords throughout the websites and blogs. Also include backlinks, meta titles and descriptions, social media pages, and online directories. Contents play a vital role in SEO, so make sure to update your blogs frequently.

Try to include Videos of the Properties

Including videos will give customers an idea of what their property looks like, which helps them to consider the property or not. It may save the customers and sellers time. Try to include the real footage of the home compared to illustrations. Make sure the video is interactive and  optimizes for mobile and desktop platforms. If possible, make a 3D tour of the property for giving more clarification to the customers.

Arrange Webinars and Online Workshops

Getting the seller’s name out there is one of the most important ways to get inbound leads. And for that webinars and online workshops are the most important methods for achieving it. Sharing your experience in the Real Estate field will be useful to so many of them, and helps to develop trust.


There are still some negatives we could find in Digital Marketing done to Real Estate which can be easily overcome by building a clean strategy and process. Some of the projects would be by both builders and brokers, sometimes different brokers also list the same project resulting in overlapping of data. As time goes on, these problems will surely resolve themselves. In the future, offline marketing will become less relevant, and online marketing will see a heavy up-shift.