‘What next?’- an absolutely clueless question which I think all of us have heard quite a few times in our lives. More often at all our academic junctions (junctions in the sense after 12th, UG), etc. But still, after 12th it can be seen as a light-hearted question.The same cannot be said about the question being asked after our graduation. For marketing enthusiasts it is a question of utmost relevance as the digital era which we live in has paved way for unbridled competition. 

These individuals mainly have 2 options. Either do an MBA preferably from a tier 1 college or continue with the IT field. But of late Digital Marketing services have risen almost exponentially thus creating an increase in demand for Digital Marketing courses. 

I hope that the following discussion can help you in prodding out some answers.

Digital Marketing After MBA: A Worthy Upgrade?

An MBA usually stretches for 2 years but in special cases, a 1-year executive MBA is also provided by top-notch B Schools . However, an MBA can provide an ample amount of time for a student to test their skills in various fields. If done in a reputed management institute, a student can get a competitive advantage over other job hunters in the market. Moreover, the 2 years in a reputed B school can give us many connections with future and budding entrepreneurs.

A Short Briefing On Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is familiar which many of us have been hearing over the years. In fact, it has become a necessary skill set that is required by some if not all factions of businesses.

It began in the early 2000s when the internet was termed as a colossal discovery. With the advent of the internet more and more people started switching to an efficient and faster mode of marketing. It enabled enterprises and businesses to attain their targets at a much faster pace than old school marketing.

As the number of people having internet access increased, there was a huge upsurge in social media sites. Within no time these numbers prompted all the big guns to provide internet at a much cheaper price. It has turned it into a ‘necessity’ rather than a choice.

 At present, there is no shortage in Digital Marketers but quality always presides over quantity.

Why Is Digital Marketing A Step Higher ?

The main highlight is undoubted “speed”.What conventional marketing can achieve in a month can be achieved by Digital Marketing within hours. 

Our industry always wags behind current popular trends. So a Digital Marketer is always taught whatever the running trend is. 

A Digital Marketing course can keep you updated on the current trends through its practical teaching and in hand experience. It’s an impeccable opening for all of them out there who don’t like a nine to five job. Digital Marketing provides a whole new platform for freelancing.

Digital Marketing After MBA: A Substantial Decision?

But there’s still a question left. Why do you need to take a Digital Marketing Course after an MBA?

Like most of our curriculums, the MBA curriculums are also outdated at the present. Old curriculums are fueling the students with traditional Marketing. Digital Marketing is the present Marketing. The curriculums are mostly based on the present and the future.

To be honest MBA marketing has been saturated for the past few years. It had a stellar run earlier but at present, it’s starting to pull off. A two-year time frame and a huge dent in the pockets had changed the thoughts of the present generation.

Apart from a few handfuls like the IIMs and IITs, no other B Schools guarantee 100% placements. Even if they do people will have to settle down for a lower annual income. Not that its bad but considering the fees and other expenses the return on investment is very low. 

Moreover, the education system of the country is quite bookish. Even now in the 21st century where the demand for practical skills is too hot.

Digital Marketing on the other hand is still budding and has a huge demand in the market. Almost all companies are on the hunt for new talents in this field. It includes Digital Marketing agencies as well as reputed companies.

Slowly Digital Marketing is emerging as new courses are being developed on a regular basis to equip the individuals with new skills. In an MBA program the only practical exposure that a student gets is an internship program that lasts for about three to four months. Whereas, in Digital Marketing, a course can provide a full-on practical experience throughout.


Even though an MBA program can bestow you a prestigious degree and help you in acquiring a decent job. A Digital Marketing course can give you an ample amount of practical skills. Bookish knowledge alone cannot help an individual in administering the real world, For that, a hoard of practical skills are necessary. 

But taking all things into consideration, both MBA and Digital Marketing needs a definite X factor. In order to do that, no degree certificate can help us beyond a certain limit. 

So to conclude, let’s hope that a decision can be made with the help of this small discussion. Your thoughts on the above matter are very much welcome!