Continuous scrolling is now available on Google's desktop search.

Google is aiming to bring desktop search results closer to mobile with a recent update of Continuous Scrolling that lets users scroll endlessly through multiple pages.

In the US, results from desktop searches are now being continuously scrolled.

Users should be aware that continuous scrolling is not the same as infinite scrolling. Before seeing the “More” button to look for additional results. Users can scroll down and view up to six pages of search results by continuing to scroll. Google only lets users scroll continuously through the first four pages of search results on mobile devices.

In the past, Google’s search results have been “paged.” Users previously had to click the page number at the bottom of the search result page after scrolling down.


Sites that didn’t rank highly enough to appear on the first page may benefit from the new feature’s increased visibility. According to a joke, page 2 of Google search results is the best place to conceal something criminally damaging. Because few brave souls venture further down the page.

The adjustment comes as many users lament the declining quality of Google search results. Google has responded by making a number of adjustments, including making search results more visually appealing. A feature that surfaced Reddit and Quora results under the heading “Discussions and forums” was also introduced in September.

Google is working on improving desktop search in addition to many other features with mobile devices in mind. To give users quick access to data like the weather and stocks. The company has been testing widget-styled cards on the home screen.

Searchers are more likely to see more results. Before running into a wall if they have the option to scroll through six pages at once.

Reporting should not affect this change, in our opinion. When mobile search results were continuous scrolling last year, Google noted that the Search Console had not changed.


This is due to the fact that, as Google explains, Search Console tracks SERP positions rather than pages:

Continuous Scrolling

Let's examine What Continuous Scroll Is.

Users can scroll through up to six pages of content without clicking any buttons. The key difference between the ideas of continuous scrolling and infinite scroll. Results on pages 2 and 3 are no longer a problem. 

As you scroll down, more relevant results will appear, allowing you to discover new angles. Up to six pages of results will display automatically when you reach the bottom of a search results page. Until you see a button that says “More results” if you want to see more.


Desktop continuous scrolling
This is how Continuous Scrolling looks like.

The idea of continuous scrolling is not new. For more than a year, it has been the standard on Google’s mobile search. The desktop search experience should resemble. On how users use their feeds on social media sites with infinite scrolling, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok.


What Effect Does Constant Scrolling Have on SEO?

By the time a user reaches page 2, click-through rates have historically been observed to sharply decline. Only 0.63% of Google searches led to a click on a link on the second page.

Right now, it’s impossible to predict exactly how this will alter the search landscape. 

You don’t need to alter your SEO strategy as long as you’re using white-hat techniques and abiding by Google’s rules. Aside from reporting on keyword position rather than page. The TechBound team doesn’t anticipate a large shift in our overarching SEO strategy for clients. As a result of this new change, our approach is always focused on creating quality content that answers searchers’ questions. After all, desktop continuous scroll comes out on top of Google’s Content Update.