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Maruti Suzuki's Path to Success: Using Instagram Creators to Boost Brand Recognition

Aim for choosing google ads
  • Expand reach among car enthusiasts.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Connect with a younger audience.
method applied through google ads
  • Collaborated with "Born on Instagram" creators
  • Combined creator content with traditional ads
  • Targeted audience 
result obtained through google ads
  • 4.5 points higher lift in brand awareness
  • Expanded reach within the target audience
  • Achieved Measurable success

Brief History




NEXA represents the brand's lifestyle-oriented car dealership channel.


Major force in the Indian passenger car industry with a strong reputation.


In today’s crowded marketplace, capturing consumer attention and transforming it into tangible sales leads is a marketer’s ultimate challenge.

Digital advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads are indispensable tools, but success demands careful planning. 

As we’ve seen in previous case studies, strategic thinking is key, and the automotive industry provides further compelling examples.  Maruti Suzuki, a major player in the Indian car market, effectively leveraged Instagram ads to boost brand recognition for its new Grand Vitara SUV.

Their successful campaign offers valuable lessons for marketers across all sectors.

Grand Vitara

The Challenge

Maruti Suzuki wanted to effectively promote the Grand Vitara, raise its profile, and reach a wider segment of car enthusiasts in India.  Effectively showcasing the SUV’s features and appeal in a relatable and impactful way served as the campaign’s main goal.

"We see partnership ads as a marriage between authenticity and brand-focused content. By partnering with unique creators popular with our target audience of car lovers, we saw a considerable boost in brand awareness. Now, more people know about our latest automobile offering."
Ram Suresh Akell, Executive Officer - Marketing, Maruti Suzuki India Limited

The Strategy

Maruti Suzuki took a multi layered strategy for this campaign

Creator Partnerships

The brand teamed up with popular creators from Instagram’s “Born on Instagram” program. These creators produced visually compelling 15-second videos highlighting the Grand Vitara’s unique features in a stylish, engaging manner.

Paid Partnership Transparency

Ads were transparently marked as “Paid Partnerships,” aligning with best practices for influencer marketing while maintaining audience trust.

Repurposing Content

High-performing creator content was boosted as traditional ads across Instagram’s feed, Stories, and Reels, broadening campaign visibility.

Strategic Targeting

The campaign meticulously targeted the demographic most likely to be receptive: Indian men, between 25-54 years old, demonstrating an interest in cars.

The Outcome

Maruti Suzuki’s strategy resulted in a quantifiable success

  • A brand lift study conducted from July 21 – August 20, 2022 revealed that ads involving creator partnerships generated a 4.5-point higher lift in brand awareness when combined with Maruti Suzuki’s usual video ads.

The Takeaway

Maruti Suzuki’s campaign is a testament for best marketing practices.


Power of Collaboration

Partnering with established content creators adds authenticity and can help brands reach a broader, more engaged audience.

Content is King

Investing in high-quality, dynamic video content tailored to resonate with a target audience is critical.

Data-Driven Approach

The use of a brand lift study demonstrates Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to measuring campaign success and leveraging data for future marketing initiatives.