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Aim for choosing google ads
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition
  • Generate more leads, online sales, and conversions
  • Generate more traffic to the website
method applied through google ads
  • AI-Powered Optimization & Targeting
  • Engaging Creatives & Broad Reach
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
result obtained through google ads
  • 43% in Subscriptions
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Increased App Installs

The Power of Automation: STAGE's Growth Journey

Businesses across various industries have overcome significant hurdles by leveraging the power of online advertising. Each company faced unique challenges, requiring tailored solutions and innovative strategies. Visionary leaders combined with the adaptability of platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads have enabled these businesses to achieve remarkable success. Let’s explore one such inspiring success story.

The Initial stage

STAGE established its position by offering a unique streaming service focused on regional Haryanvi and Rajasthani content, filling a gap in India’s entertainment market. Their appearance on Shark Tank India ignited rapid growth, increasing the demand for their services and highlighting a need for a scalable marketing strategy. Initially, STAGE resorted to manual advertising campaigns, a process that demanded constant adjustments for optimal performance.

The Challenge

STAGE’s manual marketing approach quickly became a hinderance, consuming valuable time and resources. This created difficulty in effectively scaling their advertising efforts alongside their growing subscriber base. Finding a solution that allowed them to attract a large audience while keeping advertising costs manageable became a critical challenge for STAGE’s continued growth.

Meta helped us level up our marketing efforts tremendously, and at a time when we were struggling with efficiency. Since adopting Advantage+ app campaigns, we have seen excellent results, which have inspired us to invest in more AI-driven products and solutions. We plan to continue using Advantage+ app ads to encourage more app installs and downloads.

The Solution

To overcome their challenges, STAGE embraced innovation by switching to Meta Advantage+ App Ads. This solution utilizes machine learning to streamline campaign management, automatically identifying the most promising audiences and decreasing manual workload.  To maximize engagement, STAGE employed eye-catching photo ads showcasing popular content from their regional library. They strategically targeted a broad demographic (users aged 18-65) located in key regions (Delhi NCR, Haryana, and Rajasthan) ensuring their ads reached those most likely to be interested.  Finally, STAGE conducted an A/B test to definitively measure the effectiveness of Advantage+ app ads compared to their previous manual approach.


The results of STAGE’s experiment with Meta Advantage+ App Ads were remarkable. They experienced a 43% surge in subscription purchases, demonstrating the impact of AI-powered optimization. This translated to improved profitability, with an impressive 19% decrease in the cost per subscription. The machine-learning capabilities of the platform streamlined workflows, resulting in a 15% faster exit from the learning phase, saving time and resources. Additionally, STAGE saw a 9% increase in app installations, further expanding their audience and reach.

Vision with Automation

STAGE’s experience highlights the significant impact of automation, demonstrating how machine learning can outperform manual adjustments in optimization and targeting. They also learned that combining compelling ad visuals with strategic distribution is crucial for attracting new subscribers. The success of Advantage+ ads solidified STAGE’s belief in the power of AI-driven tools, leading to further investments in AI solutions for continued growth and efficiency.