Do you believe in love at first sight? If you are saying no, It is probably that you are lying. We all have to impress someone at least once in our lifetime. This is also true when it comes to business. Google’s business profile is the first line of contact when someone inquires about your business. It is a powerful tool that can positively impact local rankings and SEO. This post will provide you with insights on 5 simple and effective Hacks to Top Google Business Profile.

Simple Hacks To Top Google Business Profile

Claim your business

It is surprising that many local retailers have not claimed their free Google Business Profile account. So as a first step, claim your Google business profile.

  • Sign up on Google Business account.
  • Fill in your core business information like name, address, phone number, website, category, etc.
  • Then add additional features like services and business hours, parking availability, kid friendliness, and wheel chair accessibility. If you own a hotel chain franchise, fill in if the business has a Jacuzzi pool or provides free wifi.

That’s the basics covered, so you’re good to go. Keep your info consistent with the info on your website.


After your basic information is complete, you can move on and personalise the visual aspect of your listing. To personalise, know your target audience and think from the perspective of your customers. Remember, there is no business without customers. So keep your potential customers happy.

  • Craft a Compelling Business Description: Highlight your unique features, products, or services that make you stand out. Explain how you add value or solve a problem. Create an emotional connection with your audience by telling your story, values, and mission. adding keywords to your business category. Avoid keyword mistakes here.
  • No listing is complete without a photo. It gives your credibility a boost and builds trust among the general public. You can add photos of your business and the products or services you offer. Make sure to highlight customer testimonials from satisfied customers.

  • Create and Promote Special Offers and Events. On the posts tab, you can create offers and events for your Google Business Profile. But make sure to include a call-to-action button that leads users to your website.


By engaging with your audiences, you can skillfully move your customers from being just a lead to a valuable conversion. It will improve brand value and credibility.

  • Ask for Review: Reviews are the lifeblood of local SEO. 98% of people read reviews before purchasing. So your service should be in such a way that customers don’t give anything less than a 4 star rating.

  • Encourage User-Generated Visual Content: This is a great way to showcase your business and attract more customers. Ask for photos or videos of your business. You can create a dedicated section on your GMB profile to showcase customer photos and videos.
  • Offer incentives: You could offer a discount or freebie to customers who share photos or videos on your GMB profile. It does not have to be huge. You can retarget the same customer with a 20% discount on their next purchase from your store.
  • Not the least. Speak directly to your customers through Google Business Profile messages. In fact, recent statistics show that 90% of customers would rather receive a text message than a phone call. The same study mentions that direct SMS messaging even has a higher conversion rate than mobile advertising.

Update Regularly

No business will always remain the same. Whatever it is, you should keep your audience posted on the update. You can post about your business profits, expansion plans, new collaborations, the launch of your new product, etc.

  • Google Posts disappear after six months. So put a strategy in place and draft an editorial calendar to share posts on business profile pages.
  • Add Fresh and Updated Content  like news, events, and promotions. This can help Google recognise your business as active and up-to-date.
  • You can showcase an upcoming event with a text update. Make sure you add your keyword in this description for faster optimisation.
  • Include a Strong Call-to-Action. It could be a call button, a sign-up button, or a shop now button, depending on the type of business you are running.

Track Customer Paths

  • Through Google My Business Insights, you can track performance metrics. Insights give you an inside look at how people find your Google Business Profile. Because many customers find businesses on Google Search and Maps, Insights focuses on how customers use Search and Maps to find your profile and what they do once they find it. You can get insights for individuals or multiple profiles. You can also view click-through rates, conversion rates, and more.

Don’t know how to add analytics to your business profile? Check out the video below.


I understand that owning and maintaining a website is not practical for every business. However, if you miss out on this free google business tool, you will be on the losing side. According to Statcounter, 92% of all searches happen on Google. It is also true that “76% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day.” So we have to ensure the information available on your Business Profile is accurate and readily available to consumers.

Bill Gates once said “If your business is not online, your business will be out of business”. This is entirely true because every business is racing to find a space in the digital landscape. It is better that you start early and find your space. Additionally, if you prefer building your own website in the future, it will be beneficial. Because a GBP profile is the top local SEO ranking factor, according to Brightlocal, Having this will increase your revenue and provide valuable insights about your customers.

I hope the post addresses your concerns regarding simple and effective Hacks to Top Google Business Profile. If you have any doubts, bring them to light in the comments below. You can also contact us directly.