Finally, Zuckerberg has heard our prayers. Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram has rolled out 3 cool latest Instagram features to keep the platform engaging and make it easier for influencers. WIth over 2.35 billion users worldwide, Instagram is still the most prominent player on the social media arena. 

It is only last week Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced several new updates on Threads app. It includes a Following tab, which allows you to limit your feed to chronological posts from people you follow. Meta has never been shy to keep users entertaining. 

We have created this handy post so that you will be updated about all the recent Instagram changes and use them to your advantage. 

Latest Instagram Features

Get Creator Recognised

Yep. That’s true. It is a natural human instinct to get recognised for their creativity. But what if you are recognised by a celebrity. It is a dream came true moment right?

You can get recognition by an original creator if you use “Add Yours” sticker to make your own version of the creator’s video. It enables creators and artists to invite their followers to join in on a fun prompt or challenge they create on Reels. The feature was released to support artists for getting recognised by a celebrity.

This is simple. 

  1. Firstly, you shoud tap the “Add Yours” sticker on a creator’s reel. 
  2. You will reach a page showcasing Reels from other people. 
  3. Tap the Add yours option at the bottom to record your own Reel. 
  4. Creators and artists can then highlight their 10 favorite submissions from their followers and showcase them on their Reel. 
  5. You will get notification if the original creator choose your Reel. 
Add Yours Instagram

Add Music to Carousels

We all heard that music heals the soul. However it also true that it keeps people glued to social media. That’s why Instagram tested music add on to their posts and stories. Now Instagram unveiled the new features with the help of musician Olivia Rodrigo. She showcased a carousel of photos with the new single playing over the images.  

You can now add your favourite song to a carousel (collections of multiple photos) post, just like you do with stories or reels. So far, users could only add music to single photos on their post. Carousels in a single post. Users can choose a song from Instagram’s music library to match the mood of their carousel and bring it to life.

 This feature is easy to use and very similar to adding music to a single post.
  1. On Instagram, tap plus icon on top of the screen

  2. Select photos from the gallery or take new ones to create a carousel

  3. Selecting Add music. You will see a tab with song suggestions and a browse tab
  4. Type the name of the song into the search bar at the top of the page
  5. Pick the best 90-second clip for your images
  6. Preview songs before adding them to the post
  7. Tap Done and Share to post your photo with music

Invite up to 3 Collaborators

There is a common saying that a group of three friends is always legendary. That’s probably true because Instagram now supports collaborations between three accounts in a row. You can now create joint posts and it will appear both on your feed and on your collaborator’s profile.

Instagram first launched Collaborative Posts in 2021. Until now, it has been limited to a single account. As per the Latest Instagram Features update, you can partner with three accounts for a collaborative post. All contributors can access organic insights like view counts, likes, etc. It is believed that the initiative will provide more space for users to engage with each other and boost community networks in the app.  Additionally, it paves the path to express your creativity and connect deeply with those in your friends circle.

To create

  1. Create your regular post (Reels and carousels also work)
  2. Click on Tag people
  3. Click on Invite collaborator/ co-authors/ friends. 
  4. Both private and public accounts can use this feature, as long as they follow each other.
  5. Once they accept the invitation, they will be a co-author on your post
  6. Collaborators will share the credit and reach of the content
Instagram Collaboration

Ending Note

And that’s it. We assume that these features will be available to global users anytime soon. Instagram as a social media network never stops growing and it regularly introduces new functionalities. Mosseri has also said several other Threads features are “on the list,” including desktop modetext search, and hashtags. The social media platform said that the new features will make it easier and fun to create on Instagram. 

If you’re a social media marketer, keeping track of social media updates is a must. You cannot afford losing the track. So keep instagramming and keep scrolling( mindfully). Meanwhile follow us and stay tuned to  keep your knowledge base updated and finish the journey of your marketing funnel effortlessly.