Top 6 Benifits of Affiliate Marketing

Top 6 Benifits of Affiliate Marketing

December 6, 2018 By

The outbreak of the internet has brought a ton of changes in the world and they have left a scar on the advertising sector too. In the digital marketing concept, we often hear the word “affiliate marketing” for carrying out promotions. But, there are many who are not aware of this term. Affiliate marketing is one of the futuristic marketing technique which everyone should be aware of as it is a hassle-free and an innovative way to earn income through a website. In this article let’s explore what is affiliate marketing, how to perform affiliate marketing and what are the benefits of affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an art of marketing third-party products on one’s website. Any individual can indulge in affiliate marketing if they possess any of these: website, personal blog, social page, online community, online guide, mobile app, Youtube channel. In affiliate marketing, the advertiser pays a commission to the advertiser who advertises their products online by any of the above-mentioned means. The affiliates receive payment when any user clicks or make a purchase through their website. Let’s explore how affiliate marketing works.

Who Involve In Affiliate Marketing?

In general, affiliate marketing network involves an affiliate marketer, merchants, customers, and affiliate networks. An affiliate marketer is an online advertiser who owns a website, blog, social page, YouTube channel and so forth. Merchants are the ones who possess the products or services. They may be a brand or an individual vendor. The affiliate marketing process operates through customers. When a customer makes a purchase via affiliate marketers, a commission will be paid to the affiliate marketer by the merchant. Affiliate networks act as a moderator between the merchant and the affiliate marketer. Even though you can have a dealership with the merchant directly, affiliate networks make the task easy when you have to deal with multiple merchants simultaneously. Partnering with affiliate networks, you can enjoy a piece of mind as they take care of everything, right from commission to payment.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Operate?

To begin with affiliate marketing, an affiliate marketer should sign up either on an affiliate network or merchant affiliate program. An affiliate marketer can choose any of the products from the merchant and paste the referral promotion link on your website, blog or other online mediums. For instance, you possess a blog on beauty tips and you have an affiliate link to a beauty product on your blog. When a user searches for a query related to beauty tips on Google, he finds your blog and lands on it. Now the visitor clicks the affiliate link and visits the merchant’s site. The visitor finds impressive beauty products and makes a purchase. The merchant or affiliate network tracks the particular sale and logs a credit for the sale to the affiliate marketer. Each time when a visitor makes a purchase via an affiliate link, credits will be logged for the affiliate marketer and the merchant or affiliate network pays the commission to the affiliate marketer after a fixed period.

Are you excited to become an affiliate marketer? You have to right away start a meaningful platform like website, blog, social media page, YouTube channel and so forth. Try to gain decent authority and traffic, to begin with, affiliate marketing. You can promote the products or services of a merchant through any of your affiliate marketing channels by placing banners, text links, Email marketing, tailor-made content etc. As said earlier to begin affiliate marketing you can either partner directly with merchants or sign up with an affiliate network. Few of the trusted affiliate marketing channels are Amazon, Flipkart  , Snapdeal , Paytm etc

Let’s now explore why should you indulge in affiliate marketing.

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

1. Zero Investment, Zero Risk

To begin with affiliate business, you don’t have to invest anything , hence it involves zero risk factor. What you need is just a website or blog to place the affiliate link via banner ads or text link ads. You just need to attract your visitors to land into merchant’s page and make a purchase. Even if no purchase happens, you don’t lose anything.

2. Mutual Benefit

Unlike other mediums for earning, you don’t have to struggle to earn a penny of income through affiliate marketing. The relation between the affiliate marketer and merchant is like a mutually beneficial relationship as both receive income when a customer makes a purchase. The merchant gives an opportunity to market his products to affiliate marketer and when the merchant makes an earning through an affiliate link, affiliate marketer gets a commission, thus gaining income for both.

3. Pay Only For Action

Unlike other advertising mediums, merchants need not spend a huge amount of money without any sales. Merchants have to pay commission only if they incur sales. This motivates the affiliate marketer to drive the conversion you desire. Hence, merchants can reap a great ROI as compared to other advertising mediums.

4. Increased Traffic

Driving exposure is an important marketing strategy and through affiliate marketing, both the merchants and affiliate marketers experience increased exposure. The merchants get additional traffic to their website through affiliate marketer. For instance, if the merchant sales competitive exam books. An affiliate marketer who owns a site which details about competitive exams, question papers etc have placed an affiliate link which leads to the competitive exam book sales page. This attracts the visitors to purchase your book. The traffic the merchant gained is additional traffic. The affiliate marketer also gets benefited, when the customer feels that the purchase made is worth. There are chances that they revisit the website to make a purchase and also recommends your website to other people. This increases the traffic of affiliate marketer too.

5. Ranking Boost

As mentioned in the above statement, as traffic increases to both merchant and affiliate marketer’s website, the authority of the site increases and experience a ranking boost. As the affiliate links increase from the related field, it acts as a proof to represent that the site content is relevant and this too pave chances for getting a ranking boost.

6. Effective Tracking

Affiliate marketing allows you to track CTR and views of a visitor, visiting your affiliated web page. Tracking let you investigate which affiliates work and which do not. You can also discover how your ads perform on different affiliate websites and which types of ads work effectively. This lets you build the right type of ads to get the best results.

To conclude, affiliate marketing is a very effective, low-risk investment to help expand your marketing efforts. For the reasons listed here, we believe affiliate marketing is worth for both the affiliate marketer and merchant and can take both of your business to new heights.
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