Top 16 Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers for experienced professionals

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The current marketing world is ruled by digital marketing and clearly, the place which digital marketing holds cannot be taken off until the discovery of a next technology which would more extensive than the web. With the increasing number of technological advancements each day, it’s important that an experienced digital marketing professional stay updated with the current trends.

Are you an experienced digital marketing professional seeking a job change? If so, you have to make sure that you stay updated with the current digital marketing trends. Every organization expects a lot more from an experienced digital marketing professional and they look forward to achieving their business goals through them. In order to go through a successful interview process, read this article which gives you a list of digital marketing interview questions and answers which you should be aware of.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

We have presented you with a set of technical and personalized questions that you can expect in a digital marketing interview. Go through the questions and the convincing answers to successfully pass through an interview.

1. How would you track users who are searching for queries related to your business?

By setting up Google Alerts & search on social media with hashtags.

2. What approach do you follow to set-up an effective PPC campaign?

  • Choosing the appropriate keywords that are relevant to your business, to expand the reach of PPC campaign.
  • Periodical review of under-performing keywords and amount expended.
  • Splitting ad groups into small & relevant ad groups to improve CTR
  • To avoid showing up of an irrelevant query & thereby reducing the cost spend and to improve campaign performance, negative keywords should be added.
  • Setting up a proper landing page with call-to-action

3. How do you set-up, track and analyze if a business campaign is successful?

For this question, you have to start with explaining the goal of the campaign, then how do you map your goals to campaign metrics, how do you choose keywords, what tools you use to measure campaign efforts and how do you set-up the budget. Then you have to give an explanation on performance measurement of campaigns, reporting scenario and what recommendations you suggest after campaign evaluation.

4. How to lower the cost of CPC in your PPC campaigns?

If you focus on lowering the CPC costs, manual bidding should be chosen and start with a low CPC. The bidding can be increased by evaluating which keywords work. For those keywords which didn’t generate sales, bidding can be lowered. Bids can also be adjusted based on the performance in a particular location, time, device etc.

5. What steps do you take when your Google Ads get disapproved?

There are chances for the ads to get disapproved as they do not comply with Google AdWords guidelines. To set your ad up and running, you have to find the reason for disapproval by looking into the “disapproved” status column in Ads and extensions page. An ad can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon. Once the ad is rectified in such a way that it complies with the policy, you can click save and an ad will be submitted again.

6. Suggest few efficient ways to increase traffic to your website?

  • Perfect on-page SEO
  • Get social
  • Start guest blogging
  • Implement schema
  • Generate quality referral links
  • Write quality content
  • Responsive website
  • Email marketing

7. What are the characteristics of a good landing page?

  • Proper call-to-action
  • Clean and concise text
  • Focus on customer views
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Proper attractive headline
  • Display visual information

8. How does Google determine ad position?

Ad position can be determined by calculating CPC (Cost per Click) and CTR (Click Through Rate)

9. Why should you use LSI keywords?

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are keywords that are semantically linked with the main keywords that users enter over the search engines. Linking relevant LSI keywords with main keywords enables search engines to identify the semantic structure of the keywords. They show up the relevant results on SERP’s by extracting the hidden meaning of the text.

10. What is a schema mark-up and name few schema types?

Schema mark-up is a code deployed on your website to boost the way search engines read and picture your page in SERPs.

Commonly used schema mark-ups are:

  • Events
  • Aggregate reviews
  • Person information
  • Video schema.

11. We would like to engage our target audience through social media. How could you achieve that?

  • Identifying the social media outlets you should focus on considering your business requirements.
  • Identifying the audience you want to target.
  • Connect with your audience.
  • Creating posts that attract visitors.
  • Using strategic hashtags
  • Conducting events, questionnaire, contests to promote engagement
  • Influential marketing

12. How do you measure ROI through social media?

Every business focuses on maximizing their ROI and it’s important to measure if the expected ROI is achieved through the social media activities they perform. This can be measured through:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Audience Reach
  • Website Traffic
  • Number of Clicks, shares & likes.
  • Number of entries in the contest.
  • Lead Generation and Revenue.

13. Have you had a look at our website? What suggestion do you put on to increase the web traffic?

This is a common question encountered in most of the interviews. Make sure that you have a thorough look on the company’s website, their SEO & social media strategies. Be genuine while answering this question. Tell them about what strategies they follow currently, and what are the shortcomings of the current strategy and suggest few constructive strategies you believe that will help to improve the web traffic.

14. In what way your experience in digital marketing will benefit our business?

The answer you provide should speak about your experience, skills, knowledge, and contacts. Tell them about the projects you have handled in different sectors, what strategies you have implemented, how the business improved, the difficulties you dealt in a particular project, what knowledge & skills you gained through your experience in handling different projects etc. You could also tell them if you have contact with famous bloggers or top organizations which would be an added advantage to their organization if you are hired.

15. How do you stay updated with the current digital marketing trends?

You could tell them about the various digital marketing blogs you follow and newsletter subscriptions to keep yourself updated. You can also tell them about the workshops, webinar you have participated and the knowledge you gained through that. Some of the famous web sources you could mention are, Search engine land, Kissmetrics, Neil Patel’s blog etc.

16. How would you handle the marketing budget?

Planning of budget in line with the expected ROI is very important for any business which spends on marketing. So, this is a very common question and you could answer by explaining them how effectively you have put forth a budget plan for the organizations you worked and the percentage of ROI benefits they received by pointing out few real-time examples.

Few tips to boost your chances of getting selected:

  • Professional and updated LinkedIn profile highlighting your skills, experience, awards, certifications, endorsements and received recommendations.
  • Follow digital marketing experts and their blogs.
  • Have your own blog, if not, at least a few samples of your guest blog posts.
  • Build a wide network by connecting to famous bloggers, marketing experts etc.
  • Lastly, stay honest and implement what you have gained.

Hope, you have got an idea on few of the common digital marketing questions asked during an interview for hiring experienced professionals. If you find difficulty in answering any other questions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. We are a leading digital marketing institute in Trivandrum, offering a full coverage real-time digital marketing course and can assist you to get placed in a reputed company with excellent placement training. If you are a professional seeking a training in digital marketing, you are in the right place. Feel free to contact us right now.

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