How To Promote A Restaurant Online

How to Promote a Restaurant Online

The recent trends in digital technology have paved the way for online promotion of the restaurant business. Nowadays, marketing your key dishes has become as important as to cook them with your full passion and dedication. Most of the restaurant holders are aware of these new marketing tactics and are trying to enhance their business accordingly. In this blog we describe, How to Promote a Reastaurant Online.Hence it is essential to acquire a thorough knowledge in this field to take your business to the top-notch of success. Let’s have a detailed look at some of the online marketing strategies of restaurants from this article. 

Exhibit Your Presence In Social Media 

In this era, different social media platforms acquire the lion’s share of online marketing as they engage a large number of visitors. Among all such social platforms, Instagram plays a vital role in promoting your business through the best visual contents. You can start a new account on Instagram for your restaurant and post beautiful pictures and videos of your delicious dishes with good captions. Increase the number of followers to your account and thus enhance your brand identity. Always ensure to give some popular hashtags related to your post before publishing it. Apart from Instagram, Facebook is another effective social media that can highlight your social presence and help you to gain visitors who may be converted to customers in the future. If you think you want to go deep into your social media activities, you can hire a social media expert who is able to provide more valuable insights. 

Always Stay Current

Another significant point to raise your restaurant is always up to date with the recent trends, facts, figures, and statistics related to your restaurant. These measures analyze your business marketing formula. For example: If you need to move your restaurant to another place since you get less number of customers here, through statistical analysis, you can find the popular places that can flourish your business and move your restaurant to the place that drives more customers and profits.

Create A Functional Website

How to Promote Restaurant Online

Creating a website for your restaurant is just similar to opening food shops in every nook and corner of the world. Develop a professional well-optimized website with the help of a web development team if you are really focusing to grow your business. A website for your restaurant can easily help your customers to find you without any barriers. Moreover, you can make your website active by enabling chat section, creating food blogs, listing special offers for your dishes etc.

Optimize Your Website For Improving Local Search

If you realize the importance of an optimized website, then don’t wait anymore to optimize it. According to some researches, 72% of all searches are on the basis of local content. Hence, you need to drag your website in those search lists which are relevant to your restaurant which can be done through proper SEO practices by an SEO expert.

Enlist Your Website In Google My Business Directory And Other Directories

Make sure that people can easily find you through their internet surfing. This can be done by publishing the details regarding your restaurant and website such as address, city, region, zip code etc in Google My Business Directory. You can do the same in different other locally indexed directories to get more search results.

Go For Google Ads

You can start online advertising by focussing on your geographical region. Geo-targeting Ads can be created by the most popular online advertising service called Google Ads. Nowadays, most people prefer good food near to their home and it will be worthy to market like this. 

Activate Online Ordering

If you are ready to pack your edibles and ship them within minutes, then you can change your normal website to an eCommerce website. This can accumulate a large number of customers within a limited period of time. Some recent studies show that these days, people are very much interested in online ordering and payment option rather than traditional shopping modes.

Offer Discounts For Online Purchase

Encourage your customers by providing them with some discounts and offers for the online purchase. You can announce coupons and offers for the first time purchase with your restaurant. This drives more customers to experience delicious food from your restaurant and there are chances of revisiting and gaining new customers.

Request Your Customers For Ratings And Reviews

After each purchase, you can request your customers to rate and your restaurant and write about the dishes ordered by them in Google Reviews. This will increase the number of customers in the future. Most of the people choose food shops according to the opinion of other customers and hence this will be a good marketing strategy for your restaurant.

Enlist on Food Apps

How To Promote a restaurant online

Take up the advantage of mobile technology for marketing your restaurant by enlisting in different Food Apps. It is very simple for your customers to find you. All they have to do is only install the app that directs them to the nearest restaurant, This will also increase your potential customers.

Activate A Network With Local Food Bloggers

It is one of the major marketing methods that enhance your business rapidly. You can create a strong network with local food bloggers and influencers as they can make you popular by sharing some contents related to your restaurant. As a token of appreciation, you can give them some incentives or free meals.


Now you have completely got an idea on different online marketing strategies that can promote your restaurant to the hike of success. Even though you have gained some key tips to mark your online presence, always ensure that your offline performance is also doing well. This is because the online marketing of your restaurant is completely dependent on your offline activities. If it is necessary you can join hands to a professional digital marketing company that can take care of both offline and online marketing of your restaurant. We are a leading digital marketing company in Trivandrum possessing wide experience in restaurant online marketing. We devise a strategy that fits your unique business needs. Our marketing strategies have driven restaurant businesses to scale to new heights by expanding their business. Contact us right now to experience a profitable restaurant business.