How To Improve Website Ranking Using Effective SEO Strategies?

Launching your own website to support your business is an exceptionally energizing development in your business. Even though you have a stunning website or portfolio which beautifully renders your business, if you are lacking sufficient digital marketing, your business does not reach anywhere as you expect. How do new customers find you? Top rankings are an apex of achieving business online. It can take a very long time to build up the authority of a domain and the rankings of pages.

In this article, let’s explore the tactics we have experimented with and successfully increased the Google ranking thereby increasing the traffic to your site. 

Understand the Google Ranking Algorithm

Before jumping into actionable SEO strategies to use in your site understand the google ranking algorithm so that you could avoid the chances of getting penalized and also you could experience long-term success. It is widely speculated that Google changes its algorithm almost every day as they are keen on ranking the best results and to restrict black hat practices. Some of the major Google ranking updates include

  • Mobile-First Index update to list the search results  based on the mobile version of a website
  • Pigeon update to provide accurate search results
  • Hummingbird update focuses on the phrase meaning rather than blindly ranking for a keyword
  • Penguin update to target spammers building unnatural links
  • Panda update to rank only high-quality websites

After you acquire a clear picture of Google’s ranking algorithm, head on to actionable strategies.

Analyze the current status of Website 

Before you take action on your site, you have to analyze where your site stands at present. To know this you have to analyze the following

Alexa Ranking to evaluate the value of your business globally

Domain Authority predicts how well a website ranks in search engine result pages

Page Authority is the probability of your page to rank in search engine result pages

Competitor Analysis should be made to evaluate where your competitors stand online and to know the keywords they focus

Keyword Ranking Analysis

should be made by evaluating the keyword currently focused, where do they rank currently and how to improve

Site Speed Test

should be made to analyze how fast your site loads on all types of browsers and in mobile, actions should be taken if the speed is low

should be made to analyze how fast your site loads on all types of browsers and in mobile, actions should be taken if the speed is low

should be made to analyze how fast your site loads on all types of browsers and in mobile, actions should be taken if the speed is low

Perfect On-Page SEO

Identify the relevant keywords you need to focus on thorough competitor analysis and analyzing the search volume of the keywords. 

Meta tags Tuning

Once you have finalized the keywords, you have to tune the meta tags of the site which includes meta title, meta description, alt tags. Take care that you don’t stuff the keywords. Form a meaningful phrase using appropriate keywords which clearly renders the context of the page. 

Internal Linking

Focus on creating relevant links to the web pages of your site so that users can easily navigate to the web pages and also boosts the website ranking by developing a website hierarchy.

Relevant Content

Your success is not far away if you make sure that you built content for users and not for the search engines. Quality content which renders beautifully about your business increases the website traffic thereby improving the ranking and authority of a website. 

Build Backlinks In A Right Way

Google has launched strict penalties against spammy links, so make sure that you create authentic backlinks to boost your ranking. Backlinks can be built through forums, directories, bookmarking, infographic submission, guest posting, etc. However, acquiring a single backlink from a site that has higher authority itself is enough to come up in search engine result pages. Always make sure that you build your links in the site which has a higher authority of yours.

Business Listing

Business listing has a great impact on your business as your business is widely spread online which includes your business name, company profile, contact details etc

Active Presence in Social Media

Make sure that you create a profile with your business name in all the social pages including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Analyze how your competitors are active on social media and plan an outline for the frequency of posts, content to post, time of posting, etc. Active social media presence definitely boosts the traffic.

Built a Mobile-Friendly Website

Research has found that 60% of the searches are now dealt with mobile and this number definitely grows up going forward. This made Google index mobile version of the site first, this has induced the need for making a mobile-friendly and responsive website.

Even Though ranking a website in the search result pages are seemingly challenging if you follow an ethical strategy in an ethical way, Google never ignores your site from ranking at the top.

If you require any support to improve your website ranking in google search result pages contact us.