Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam Pattern

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All About Facebook Blueprint Certification

Do you possess an incredible experience in managing Facebook ad campaigns? Every digital marketer or a digital marketing agency needs to flaunt their advertising skills to stand out in the industry. Facebook has opened a door to build on a valuable credential that distinguishes you in the world of digital marketing by becoming a Facebook Blueprint certified professional. It is obvious that you may have become a certified Google Ads, Google Analytics or Bing professional. Even though the above-mentioned tests are challenging, they are passable. In our opinion, the Facebook exam is the most challenging of all and in order to get through that one undergo a rigorous learning and practice sessions.

In this article, we will provide a big picture on the purpose of Facebook Blueprint Certification, how it showcases your Facebook advertising skills and level up your business and your customers business.

Facebook Blueprint Certification Exams

To gain a proficiency in Facebook advertising one has to acquire Facebook Blueprint Certification also known as Facebook Ad Certifications. This certification comes in the below-mentioned forms

  • Facebook Advertising Core Competencies
  • Facebook Certified Buying Professional
  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional

Facebook Advertising Core Competencies

This exam is a core requirement for acquiring any of the blueprint certifications. It evaluates proficiency in advertising policies, managing Facebook pages and Facebook ads, selecting advertising objectives, audience targeting to accelerate the business, role of Facebook media planners and buyers etc

Facebook Certified Buying Professional

This is an advanced-level exam which evaluates proficiency in types of ad buying, creating, managing and buying ads, enhancing performance, ad auction, Facebook pixel testing, Facebook reporting, purchasing product catalog, consumer insights etc

Facebook Certified Planning Professional

This is also an advanced level competency evaluation exam in page management, advertising objectives, planning strategies, analyzing and learning from measurement solutions, optimizing reach and frequency etc


Few Specifications Of Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam

  • Facebook Blueprint Certification is a bit expensive. Each exam costs $150 and is valid for 1 year.
  • The same amount is applicable when you retake the exam and to pass the exam each year to retain the certification. Facebook allows you to retake the exam once every 30 days.
  • The exam lasts for about 75 mins. Right before the exam, you need to spend 15 mins on proctor checking and to prepare your testing environment.
  • Facebook doesn’t recommend this exam for beginners and requires at least 6 months of experience in Facebook advertising.
  • Marketers willing to take this exam can either sign up or take exam directly in Facebook Blueprint website.
  • Before appearing for a planning or buying exam, marketers should appear for the core competency exam which evaluates core principle proficiency.
  • To become a fully certified professional, marketers have to pass both the exams with a minimum score of 700 out of 1000.

Why Should You Acquire A Facebook Blueprint Certification?

Blueprint Certification is the only reliable measure introduced by Facebook to measure the advertising competency and let’s explore why should a digital marketer or a digital marketing agency acquire a Facebook Blueprint Certification.

Welcome New Business Opportunities

Incorporating certified mastery in Facebook advertising, you can stand ahead of the competitors with exceptional skills and qualification

Gain Customer Trust

Opens the door for new business opportunities as the professional identity yield customer trust and converts into profit.


On the successful clearing of exams, Facebook offers you a badge for achieving the mastery in Facebook advertising, and you can place the badge anywhere in the professional websites, Facebook pages, resumes, web signatures etc. This earns you a recognition in the digital marketing industry.

Tips For Success

Definitely, the Facebook certification exam is going to be the toughest of toughest and without proper preparation don’t attempt for an exam as exam retake also costs $150. Find below a few tips on how to successfully go through the exam.

Thoroughly Prepare

You may possess years of experience in Facebook advertising, yet Facebook tests you for the skills beyond the things you do for a client. Hence you should repeatedly study and familiarize yourself with the topics provided by Facebook for each exam.

Be Cautious When Answering

Read the questions carefully before choosing an answer as the Facebook exam is equipped with a lot of gimmicks questions.


You have to think twice before answering for a question, yet you have to cautious in maintaining the time. A countdown clock is visible on the screen along with the count of questions to be attended. It is vital to follow a proper time management strategy in order to attend all the questions.

Pick Up A Right Day and Time

You need to schedule for the test and pay online. Pick a suitable day and time to appear for the test without any hindrances. There is an option change the schedule up to 24 hrs before the scheduled time.

Be Prepared For the Strict Testing Experience

One of the reasons for the expensive price for the test is that they are conducted in the Pearson Testing Center. In case, you don’t have a center nearby, you can appear for the test from your own computer. But make sure that you have an access to webcam and microphone. Your computer will be locked by a proctor and you will be monitored constantly via webcam to ensure no malpractices.

Courses Offered By Facebook

Facebook offers Blueprint certification courses through eLearning. Through Live Events, you can learn the Facebook marketing topics from hands-on experts. Blueprint LIve is the most effective medium to get to know the innovative plans related to live events. Live Events facilitates learning from Facebook experts through live sessions and interactive exercises. You also get an opportunity to apply your learning around a theoretical client to devise a media plan and drive results.

To conclude, Many opine that Facebook Blueprint Certification is a tedious exam to go through successfully and at the same time it is expensive. Yet, on successful completion, it lands you up in the world of opportunities which boosts your career growth and you could channelize the Facebook marketing campaigns of your customers more successfully than before.

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