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Over the past decade, the education system around the world has experienced tremendous change. There is no doubt that online learning and digital education is gaining popularity in the education sector. To be precise, one of the key factors behind this revolutionary change is the emergence of educational mobile apps that help learners to learn smartly. Nowadays, people feel really happy because we need not have to follow ancient conventions to practice in monotonous lecturers. 

The mobile app for education is often called a mobile learning app. Students and educators embrace mobile learning as a popular educational trend. The potential of mobile application technology has enhanced the strength of education and learning. The students in this smart and advanced technological era can use technology gadgets and educational apps more easily than books. Learning from educational apps is growing rapidly, rather than joining a physical campus. Mobile apps that educate on handheld devices have ignited the concept of ‘hand-on-hand’. They guarantee effective teaching methods and enhances students’ commitment to learning. Take a look at promotion strategies for educational apps that revolutionize the modern education system.

Plan A Marketing Strategy

Create a well-defined marketing strategy for your educational apps as it acts as the marketing foundation. The strategy should be measurable, practically attainable, relevant and time-bound. Prepare an editorial calendar to note down the important dates and mark innovative business ideas. This will easily help you to track your business progress frequently.

Perform Research On Your Competitors

Analyze your competitors’ marketing strategies and this will help you to improve your business process and promote challenges in your market. Try to refer their advantages and learn how to implement such methods in our business. 

Focus On Your Target Audience

This is one of the most important steps to be taken after creating a proper marketing strategy. You need to determine your target audience and don’t try to focus on everyone. Since you are marketing educational apps, your target audience includes students, lectures and other stakeholders in the educational sector. Redirecting your focus on targeted people will improve your marketing rapidly.

Promote Your Learning Apps Through Social Media

As social media is increasing popularity, it is the most solid tool for creating a strong social network and customer relationship. Improve your visibility on social networking sites and communities, especially Linkedin, Google plus and Facebook, to gain a better reputation among entrepreneurs and application developers. This will also improve brand awareness among people. Social Media is a perfect platform to find your potential users and establish a long-lasting business networking with them. You can provide some ads that describe all the features of your learning apps and offer some free trial period. 

Add Elements Related To Education

Adding subtitles and adding more visual elements to your screenshots is the best way to turn a tedious task management application into a winning download. ‘App Store optimization ( ASO ) is at its core a search engine optimization ( SEO ) for the Google Play and App Store.’ Your application description is one of the most important things to focus on in your application marketing efforts. It’s simple, it stays at the top of all your pages and you can easily find the most important information by linking to your application’s landing page or directly to the Application Store. When you run something like a mobile app, it’s a great success for the business and it can mean a lot for your customers.

Place Your Apps on Educational Websites And Blogs

Including your application on your website may mean that part of your website is separated only for the application. In addition to that, posting it on your regularly scheduled blog is another promotional strategy that you can use. Moreover, your new application must be engraved in every aspect of your marketing, including all your emails.

Create Impressive Video And Content That Attracts Students And Parents

Create visually attractive videos like promo videos that focus only on the major characteristics and features of your app. Evidence-based tips for optimizing and supporting early media experiences for children include four principles: minimizing, mitigating, using and modeling healthy screen usage. When children observe educational and age-appropriate content with a committed adult, screen time can be a positive learning experience. Actively protect children’s screen activities by prioritizing educational content or applications, circumventing popular or commercial programs and using a media ranking to guide their viewing options. It helps children recognize and challenge advertisements, stereotyping and other problematic content and makes the media available in the presence of children free of such content.

Aware Of The Challenges Of Targeted Audience And Promote Accordingly

Research on the challenges faced by the targeted audience and make sure that you are rectifying them through your application. The promotion can be done by highlighting such valuable information. This will be an added bonus to your app which in turn attracts your users. Thus you can increase the number of potential users. 

Provision For Customers Ratings And Reviews

Collect user feedback in the form of ratings and reviews. Give provision to the stakeholders to evaluate your application. Most of the users prefer to choose an app only after gathering an ample amount of information from the ratings and reviews. This will increase the number of customers in the future. If your application really focuses on quality education and if you gain Good user ratings and reviews then your app can get viral in this digital world.


Digital media and electronic gadgets play a key role in developing the learning habits. Educational or learning applications have emerged as a way to accelerate learning among children through digital media. Educators, app developers, and businesses are now focusing on all attributes to improve school education for children. In such a scenario the set of educational apps plays a vital role in promoting quality and smart education to all students. Rapid technological advances have encouraged the use of smartphones in research and development. It is very satisfying to create applications that teach users new skills and improve their knowledge. 

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